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Imali Direct is a South African domestic financial credit provider that operates to meet the personal financial requirements of South Africans.

About – ImaliDirect

Our company has been operating in the field of micro-finance for a period longer than ten years now. In which we have made tremendous contributions to the living standards of ordinary South Africans through our cheap, ethical and responsible quick loans.

Imali Direct is an institution that is on a mission of exterminating the financial obstacles of the citizens on their journey to success. Our quick loans are issued for various reasons, be it to cover your educational, legal or motor vehicle finances, Imali Direct is the way to go.

In providing our financial services, our portfolio makes use of quick loans to cater to the vast needs of the residents. Quick loans are short-term personal loans that are dispersed with a significant intention of financing the urgent needs people encounter daily.

With a small gap between application and disbursement, quick loans will help one to attend to their problems without hardships urgently. Quick loans also have an immediate impact on one’s credit rating, the smooth, fast loans which come with smaller amounts. The shorter repayment period is more comfortable to pay back because the repayments will be recorded with credit bureaus; this will come up with a positive impact on your credit rating.

Why finance with ImaliDirect?

There are many reasons why people opt to apply for a quick loan. Most people its because they will be looking to get their funds faster so that they can attend to their problems in time.

At Imali Direct, we ensure that our clients will get access to their desired financial aid within hours after making an application.

This is it, just after making your application with us you don’t need to wait longer. Our consultants will reach you within minutes, and before you know it, your quick loan will be approved. The relevant funds made available through your bank account.

At Imali Direct, one will experience the best service from the application stage up until the last instalment. Our team of qualified and experienced staff will walk you through the whole process. You are explaining everything making sure that you will make an informed decision before making any application.

Our company prides itself of well-motivated staff that value the importance and role played by our customers and stakeholders. That is why we will consider your customs and beliefs in providing our services.

Financial products with Imalidirect?

Our company is one of the few financial institutions that have a service that has a real emphasis on financial inclusion. With Imali Direct, financial inclusion does not only end up spreading financial services to all the places. Our quick loans make a real impact on the communities that are marginalised or in remote areas.

The form of financial inclusion here is making people access quick loans from wherever they are, at low application requirements. The success of our products in financial inclusion is measured with the positive impact that these quick loans have. With that, our emphasis is ranked next to none.

Quick loans at Imali Direct will also expose one to cheap financial products. In recent years there has been a massive increase in the number of credit providers. Some of these have charges that are not just acceptable.they are also doing predatory lending.

When one applies for a quick loan, they should not be diverted by only low-interest rates as most lenders reduce their interest. When one looks at it, it will be apparent that the cost of such a quick loan will be very high.

At Imali Direct, we have made sure that our clients receive both low-interest rates and administrative fees. To the extent that all our clients regard us as a fair lender.

Our quick loans will come in amounts that range from R1 000 to R5 000, repayable over a term not longer than six months. The interest rates on our quick loans will vary from person to person, and the prices depend on the loan size, term of repayment and the credit rating of the applicant.

All the rates will fall within the NCR limits of 5% per month.

Imali Direct is a proudly responsible lender which works hand in hand with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

In obtaining our quick loans our clients are obliged to meet the requirements of both our credit team and those of the NCR. Below is the list of our application criteria


  • South African national identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address

When one meets the above application requirements they will need to make an application online through our website and within hours a loan will be availed.

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