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Sometimes life can pose you with a lot of challenges, some of which just happen without our expectations.

About – Letsatsi Finance 

Living in a country that has all sorts of problems, from low-income circulation to a low performing income, one can never be sure what the future looks like. As we live to achieve our dreams, we come across complicated situations. Most of which require us to fork out funds to facilitate our way through or else face the wrong side of being a failure.

Given the prevailing economic conditions, it is not easy for an ordinary citizen to be able to raise funds whenever they face an unexpected incident. It is at these moments that we all need external financial backup. The backup that will reliably give a quick solution in a simple way that has the potential of improving your life.

Letsatsi Finance and Loans is that kind of a financial institution that will give you the undisputed bailout that you require.

Letsatsi Finance and Loans (LFI) is a financial institution that has a long positive history of operating in South Africa. The company mainly focuses on providing personal loans that meet the daily requirements of South African citizens. These range from educational finance, bridging loans, short-term loans and quick loans.

It is in our belief and practice that South Africans have the right to obtain cheap, secure and reliable financial services. This is why our company is always delivering loans that are affordable to ordinary citizens.

With Letsatsi Finance, one will be assured of a valuable engagement that will give a reason to smile in the future. Our company seeks nothing more than giving you a sustainable financial solution. From personal loans, insurance and business advisory, our name is mentioned amongst the best.

Getting a quick loan with Letsatsi Finance 

Letsatsi Finance offers quick loans to the home market clients, that is the South African populace. Our swift, easy loans are crafted in such a way that everyone who makes an engagement with us will realise more value from these products.

The quick loans represent our devotion to root out the financial problems that the community experiences. Hence we have made quick loans available with fast approvals, low-interest rates combined with a small number of application requirements.

From the specifications mentioned above, one can identify that the Letsatsi Finance mission is more than just a business but a company that seeks to make sustainable development to the communities.

Quick loans with Letsatsi Finance cannot be complete without mentioning their impact on financial inclusion. With South Africa being a nation that has a history of segregation from the apartheid era, some communities are still haunted by the past of discrimination. Letsatsi Finance reaches out to all marginalised and remote communities with relevant financial services making sure that our nation wholly progresses.

Our quick loans come with low requirements that these communities can be able to apply and successfully obtain a loan that will positively impact their lives.

Our company has also made sure that it has branches and partners that are spread countrywide. Our presence can be felt in all the provinces as we make sure that our services reach all the people.

Responsible lending with Letsatsi Finance 

The prospective applicants for Letsatsi Finance quick loans will be obliged to possess the following documents when lodging an application.

With Letsatsi Finance, one will have a feel of responsible lending from the initial stages of our engagements.

Our company abides by the South African laws and works in line with the provisions of the National Credit Regulator. Making sure that we perform all the necessary credit assessment, at the same time reducing our interest rates to the range provided by NCR.

For every application we process, we make sure that we meet all the regulatory and internal requirements. Because of these, quick loans with us will have no trace of over-indebtedness or excessive charges.

Letsatsi Finance quick loans will come in amounts that are between R500 to R8 000 with variable repayment periods that stretches up to 6 months. The interest rates for our quick loans will vary depending on one’s loan amount, repayment period and credit rating.

That is to say for a larger loan, there will be lower interest rates, and for good credit scores, there will be lower interest rates. Clients can also reduce the interest rates with shorter repayment period.

That is Letsatsi Finance gives you the best in quick loans.

Below is the requirement for our quick loans


  • South African National Identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address
  • Pay slips for the last two months from the current employer

Applying with Letsatsi Finance

Applications for our quick loans can be made either at our branches spread all over the country or online through the application portal on our website.

The applications made through our branches will require the applicant to bring their certified copies of the documents, and make inquiries before filling in our application form which will be submitted together with the documents mentioned above.

The applicant can lodge an online application by using our easy online application portal. One will need to fill in their personal and financial information before completing the personality check out that will be prompted.

The applicant will need to submit their scanned documents before submitting the whole application. In this way one would have made the right step in accessing quick loans.

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