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If you ever heard of the phrase “time and money are inseparable”, you could have wondered what was the person who initiated the saying trying to illustrate.

About – Lime 24

In other words, that means that time has a high monetary value and that money that is availed without factoring the time issue is similarly useless as trash. Lime 24 brings you financial products that will help save your time and engage in some essential activities, activities that will enhance your livelihood.

Our company brings quick loans to the doorsteps of South African citizens. These easy loans being named quick loans means that they are super swift, taking no time from application to disbursement.  

South Africans are now assured of having an ethical, cheap and accessible loan product that will help you to sweep out all your urgent financial needs.

Lime 24 is a registered financial institution that has existed in the South African market for a couple of years, bringing access to cheap, inclusive and ethical micro-lending services. These are personal loans that are distributed in different phases, starting with the Lime start, Lime Silver, Lime gold and finally the VIP products.

Quick loans are issued to the South Africans who qualify on the requirements of each phase. Making sure that our services stick to the principles of responsible lending at the same time, facilitating financial inclusion.

Our company values the presence of its clients as these are the main stakeholders that can be attributed to our growth and level of operational efficiency.  

On every stage of our service delivery, be it quick loans or short term loans, Lime 24 places much importance on providing the best service to the clients.

Quick Loans with Lime 24

Quick loans with us are a reliable loan product in the sense that they come with shallow requirements and reduced credit assessment procedures.

As part of our mandate of facilitating financial inclusion, we have reduced our loan requirements to the level that only satisfies the legal and credit qualifications.

Lime 24 understands that more people are deterred from accessing financial aid. The long lists that financial institutions require, this, however, harm the living standards of our communities. With us being a company that cares for the community, we have a pledge to keep them financed.

A quick loan from Lime Finance will not only improve your current financial status but also have other positive things spilt into your lifeline. Quick loans from Lime 24 will make sure at the end of the loan term your credit rating will be something to be proud of.

Quick loans offered here come with relatively smaller amounts that are manageable by any ordinary South African who have some form of income. That means you will always manage to clear your loan within a short period and have a significant impact on your credit rating.

Every repayment means a credit score; with this, your credit rating will be significantly improved.

Quick loans with Lime 24 will ensure that you get your way to a cheaper financial solution as the interest rates speak for themselves. For the reason that quick loans have a shorter repayment period and smaller amounts, which consequently gives a low credit risk. Our company have significantly reduced interest rates to allow our valued customers realise more value from these quick loans.

Quick loans with Lime 24 are the best product for your funding needs, and these might range from other debts, shopping, rates, vehicle expenses and other issues. We may need immediate finance our company gets you covered.

Our quick loans come in four categories, on which amounts, repayments and interest rates will be different, and these might also be affected by one’s credit rating. Our loans come in numbers that range from R300 to R4 000.

Depending on the credit rating one will need to make repayments between 4 to 35 days. Our interest ranges range from 3% to 5% per month depending on the package of the four products offered you choose.

The Lime starter is catered for in amounts that range from R300 to R1 850, the Lime Silver goes up to R3 780, proceeded by the Lime-gold and VIP which provides funds up to R5 400.

The prospective clients are expected to submit the following documents in order to facilitate a successful application.  

These documents are legal requirements in addition to forming part of our client assessment input. With us your documents and information will be kept confidential and safe.

The following are the documents needed


  • South African national identity document.

  • Three months stamped bank statement.

  • Proof of residential address.

  • A current  pay slip issued from the current employer

Application process with Lime 24

Our loans are applied online via our website, that means there is no need for one to visit us to make the application. The application process requires one to fill in their personal and financial information before submitting their certified copies to complete the application.  

Once the application is successful, Lime 24 will make one more confirmation through a consultant before funds are availed into the bank account provided. In this way, you will have won the financial freedom you deserve with our quick loans.

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