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Your need for a good financial solution in times of hardships should not be so tough and uneasy option to obtain.

About – Loans Connecter

Considering the urgency and importance of the matter, one can not afford to wait for an immediate loan that takes ages to come by. Modern day financial solutions have a short time between application and the date of disbursement,  meaning that one can now apply and have their loan product within an hour.

Loan connector is a one-stop provider for all your quick loan requirements. The company works with a combination of highly regarded and legitimate financial institutions to bring you loans and credit-related products that are next to none.

Quick loans are short-term, small amounts and low-interest loans that are issued to the clients in an instant. The emergence of quick loans can be mainly attributed to the need for faster credit assessment process which clients often opt for to loan credit providers.

Client’s needs faster loans to cover their financial obligations due in time and so our partner lending institutions answered these calls. With loans connector, one can now connect to a long list of handpicked loan credit providers. Those that will ensure that your life gets a touch of improvement over a short period.

Our partners provide quick loans that are cheap, swift and ethical in a responsible manner, considering all the legal requirements.

The process of quick loans with Loan Connector

With us, you will be able to get relevant financial solutions.  Quick loans through our site are issued with high consideration of the client’s requests.  Our partners make sure that when you apply for a quick loan, your demands in terms of amounts are met.  

Unlike other institutions that always reduce the loan amount required our company understands that finance has to meet the time factor. Also, the amount for one to meet their requirements for use. This is what makes us different, and our emphasis is more of how can we help you. 

Quick loans with Loans connector are a service that is purely designed to meet your requirements. As a client, you have the right and opportunity to customise your loan in terms of the repayment term and interest rate. We value your preferences, and we will give you the tools to tailor your service.

Your interest rates will depend on your loan size, length of the repayment term you choose. That is to say for a shorter term one will be charged low-interest rates, the interest rates also fall as your loan amount grows bigger. Our quick loans give you more value for low-interest rates.

Quick loans at Loan connector are also the best way to turn around your credit rating as they are also fully recorded with credit bureaus. With us, none of your reasonable efforts will go unnoticed, because your quick loans are small in amounts and also having a shorter repayment period. There is a higher chance the clients who obtain these quick loans will manage to clear earlier.

When your easy loan is cleared, it means something has also been improved on the other side. Your loan will not only have a positive impact on your financial status, and it will spill a positive effect on the credit scores.

This means that in future, you will be able to access much larger loans and other credit facilities due to the quick loan you engage with us today.

Loans connector will allow you to access quick loans that have amounts ranging from R500 to R8 000, with interest rates that do not exceed 27.75% per annum.  That’s to say loans connector gives you more reasons to smile about.

The quick loans will come with repayments periods that range from one to six months, and these will be repaid inflexible monthly installments.

The installments are flexible in the sense that you can choose the size of installments that you want to pay with as long as it falls above the minimum mark.

Our quick loans come with very low application requirements, our requirements are a true representative of our legal obligation as a responsible lending institution.

Our clients should expect to produce the following documents when making applications.


  • A South African National identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

Applying with Loan Connecter is very easy

Once one has been able to meet the above-mentioned application documents,  they can move on to make their quick loan application.

The application for a quick loan is made by completing an easy and short application form online.  This will need the applicants to submit their personal, financial and documents before familiarising and agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Once the loan application has been successful,  one of our lending partners, who will be offering the relevant quick loans. Also, we will provide a consultant who will make further confirmations.

Once an agreement has been met between the applicant and our partner, the loan can now be disbursed with funds deposited into the bank account provided.

This is how easy you will walk your way to financial freedom with Loans Connector.

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