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If you have been wondering about a place where you would be able to source a reliable quick loan without having to stress yourself with a lot of assessment procedures, you are at the right place.

About – Loanzie

Loanzie is an online financial and loan broker that works to bridge the gap that exists between the financial credit providers and potential clients.

The company has a long history of providing online quick loans service in which one will be able to choose their preferred loan from a list of credible, legitimate and responsible lenders.

The platform is a real definition of a one-stop shop for all your financial services, ranging from debt finance, educational loans, vehicle finance and quick loans.

In our daily living, we come across several problems, and most of these are issues that we can only escape with an expenditure. The norm is that life of an ordinary citizen; they only get funding in dates near their paydays.

The reality is that one needs external funding here and there to escape consequences unplanned mishaps. In these situations, quick loans will be the most relevant form of finance that one will be looking to obtain as they address the urgent issue in need for finance.

Quick loans will help one to escape the delays and negatives brought about by situations related to accidents, shortage of rentals, shortage of vehicle supplies or any other financial need.

Loanzie offers quick loans?

Being a loan broker that gives you access to quick loans that are cheap, fast and reliable. In providing these easy loans, our partners make it a goal to offer responsible, financially ethical, transparent and ethical service delivery.

Our quick loans are only offered by the legitimate financial institutions that were carefully handpicked and grouped in relevant clusters. This means that a decision to apply for your quick loan through us will be the best that one can ever make.

Our fast quick loans are financially ethical in the sense that the companies we partner with in the service provision are legit firms. Also, that will never benefit anything from exploiting borrowers. This can be noticed from a high consideration that our partners have on the customers’ needs. Their ethics can also be easily identified by the low-interest rates and charges they offer quick loans for.

Due to the large size and legitimacy of our quick loan partners, they enjoy significant economies of scale in their operations. This means that our clients can enjoy cheap interest rates and low costs here as compared to other firms.

Loanzie Rates and personal funding

Responsible lending also flows in our bloodline as it is what keeps our market and clients in good standing. As an institution that cares much for its clients, Loanzie only brings you access to quick loan facilities that are sustainable.

The client evaluation process we do not only form part of the legal requirements but also go an extra mile to preserve our market. In the world of credit management, the over-indebtedness of clients does not only disturb the credit rating of the client, but it also affects the lender’s prospects of growth and survival.

This is why easy, quick loans with Loanzie are only given to the clientele that has the ability and willingness to stand by the loan covenants.

Quick loans are provided to the clients in a fast manner, to the extent that with the majority of quick loan providers. Also, they do not put ample time to take the client through the whole process.

This practice might compromise the transparency of the whole process.

Quick loans issued with Loanzie are accompanied by a valuable package of advisory to the clients. Our company are sure to give the relevant information and explanations to the applicants, making sure that they make an informed decision before acquiring a quick loan.

Our quick loans will allow one to access personal funding that ranges from R100 to R 8 000, on which the loans will be payable over a period that stretches to six months.  

The interest rates for these loans vary within the regulatory cap of 5% per month. These loans will come in with flexible monthly installments as a form of repayment, that is if the term of the loan is longer than a month.

Our quick loans are obtained in a three step application.

In this application process one will be required to give true information that reflects their current conditions as this will go further in improving assessment process.

Below are the steps one need to take to access our quick loans


  • A national identity document
  • Proof of residential address
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip


The initial stage of applying for your quick loan will require you to enter your personal information on our online portal.

These will be your full name and identity number that will be used for checking of your credit rating.

2. Application

Here the client will be required to fill in their information for a step by step application, information relating to financial information and loan requirements will need to be submitted here.

The application process will lead one to a section where they are supposed to submit their documents.

3. Submission

The last stage of your application will require one to read and sign our terms and conditions before submitting the whole application.

After these steps one will receive an email containing log-in details of their loan account and the money will be made available through the bank account provided.

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