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There are several things that happen in our lifetime requiring us to use a loan like a quick loan to bypass them.

About – Money Mouse Loans

The life of an ordinary citizen has ups and downs that include some events where we can not help ourselves out. These situations can be vehicle faults, shortage of food, rates money or any other issue that will need to be addressed in time.

In situations like these, quick loans play a significant role in reducing the impact of these problems. As Money Mouse have observed, it is money that can let one easily escape issues. The best way to obtain the cash is a fast method where one gets a quick loan.

Money Mouse is a leading online platform that works to provide prospective borrowers with reliable access to personal loans. In addition to these Money Mouse provides extensive financial advisory to its clients to allow them a free way of making informed business decisions on every part of their lives.

Unlike other loan brokers who charge excessive fees for loan applications and initiation, Money Mouse will deliver all the quality services you want for free.

As a financial broker who cares and understands that loan applicants will be on a dire need for funding. We saw it not fit to add the burden with application and initiation fees.

Money Mouse partners with financial providers who are significant and legitimate players in the industry. This means when you engage with Money mouse, either for a quick loan or long term personal loan, you will be assured that the service you receive will be pegged higher.

Applicants for quick loans are treated with great care despite the smaller size of their loans as the company aligns to its mandate of prioritising quality over quantity.

Quick loans with Money Mouse Loans is simple

Quick loans with us will be issued about the moral values of financial practices. At the same time, one will receive a service that is in line with all the legal provisions of South Africa.

Our partners are fully registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) who are the pioneers of responsible lending in the homeland. Due diligence is made for all quick loans, making sure that the service is ethical, accountable, transparent and financially inclusive.

That is to say, and when one decides to acquire a quick loan with us, they will be assured of going the right direction. There is no reason to worry about lenders who will prey on their hard-earned assets.

Quick loans with Money Mouse are transparent in the sense that it is more of a taboo for any of our partners to take a client into signing a loan covenant. Also, without fully and unpacking the whole components of the covenant.

Your secure quick loan provider there will be a financial institution with a good perception in the market, to the extent that it hurts their goodwill to provide a poor service.

This is why the professional men and women who man their desks will make sure that they explain every component of your quick loan.

Money Mouse Loans is your answer

In providing access to quick loans, it is our mandate to assure that our communities experience the right level of financial inclusiveness.

As Money Mouse, we have blended our lending partners with those that have a particular focus on the neglected markets and remote communities. Also, in a bid to increase the financial coverage of South Africa as a whole.

Of most importance, our quick loans are issued with low requirements. One will need to meet a few conditions, and then they will be useful to make a successful application. In addition to this, Money Mouse also operates an online based application that will allow applicants from all parts of the country to access financial services.

Due to the massive increase of credit services providers in South Africa over recent years, there has been a steady increase of clients who get blacklisted due to failure to repay their loans.

If a client gets blacklisted, it is bad for their prospects of obtaining a quick loan would be negatively affected. Also, to some extent, irresponsible lending can be damned for this. It is due to the failure of the service providers to provide relevant quick loan service to the willing and able clients.

The quick loans obtained through Money Mouse range from R500 to R8 000, these come with interest charges below 27.75% per year. The amounts are repayable in a period not longer than six months.

The application and approval of quick loans through our site takes an average of 45 minutes, in that short space of time we have managed to secure an approval rate above 86%.

When one meets the requirements mentioned below, they will need to make an application through the application portal accessible from our website.

Money mouse has put the following documents as the minimum application criteria.


  • National identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer
  • Proof of residential address
  • A monthly income above R4 000

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