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The right financial help can only be sourced from a financial institution that has more liquid resources, long history of providing credit services in various markets.

About – RCS Loans

When it comes to finding the right lender, one has to consider the legitimacy of the company. How resourceful the company is as these will determine how capable a lender will be able inputting your financial shortages to an end.

Borrowing yields best results when it is directly from the financial institution itself. Despite the size of the loan, the applicant intends to acquire the principal lenders should be prioritised as this reduces the risk of scams and malpractices on your way to your financial liberty.

RCS Loans is a multinational financial institution that operates in Southern Africa. The company provides both corporate and personal credit facilities to clients who have a real need, which will be backed by a willingness and ability to abide by the loan covenants.

RCS Loans operates with vast financial resources that are used to improve the economic and living standards of the people of Africa. Over the years, the company has invested more wealth in personal finance where our stakeholders can now obtain quick loans in a comfortable, short and reliable manner.

Quick loans are part of our pledge to improve the living standards of people in the communities that we operate from.

Does RCS offer Quick Loans?

Our company provides quick loans to the South African market. These are small credit that is extended to the citizens to allow them to meet their immediate financial requirements. RCS quick loans come with short repayment periods and low interest rates, thus giving more value to the clients.

The loans are called quick loans because they are made of one crucial factor, that is the time factor. Quick loans with RCS have a quick application, rapid approval rate, in addition to having an expeditious repayment period. Thus all this will happen in a fast world.

When issuing personal finance, the time factor is a compassionate issue. Over the years of operating, we have gathered data that shows us that clients who get involved with situations that need personal finance, their need would be urgent.

This means that quick loans represent the most relevant form of personal finance as they provide access to funds at the right time. they are allowing the applicant to cover issues that need funding before they expire.

The reason could be to buy an air ticket on a discount, going for a holiday, sourcing money for vehicle maintenance or covering a debt before it triggers terrible credit scores. The reasons for obtaining a quick loan might vary, but the time factor remains the same.

RCS Quick Loans Interest rates and Payment structure

Quick loans issued at RCS will expose one to very low interest rates in the market. We provide quick loans with interest rates that are as low as 15% per annum.

That is to say, we give the best value to the people we operate with. From the rate, one can easily observe how RCS loans provide quick loans that have a higher consideration for ethics. In addition to very low interest rates, our company allows one to access their quick loan without making any upfront payment.

Unlike other financial institutions that will charge you on both sides, RCS charges no initiation and administration fees. Your easy quick loan will be repayable in principal and interest terms, and that will be all.

When it comes to obtaining a loan, the most important thing that a client will need to know is what does the loan package, or terms include. At RCS, we are an independent financial institution that exercises transparency at all levels of our activities.

Be it from application, disbursement and repayment, our services are clear and easily understood to all the stakeholders. Our company values transparency to customers, that is why our friendly staff will take their time to explain all the areas that a client might be feeling short of. With us, you will not have any experience of hidden costs or unfair penalties.

The quick loan applicants can apply for any loan that ranges from R2 000 to R 250 000. the loans will hold a minimum interest rate of 15%, with the debt being repaid in a period that does not exceed 60 months.

Quick loans at RCS are obtained to clients who hold qualifying qualities in line with the National Credit Regulator.

Our company makes the relevant credit assessment so as to ensure a higher level of responsible lending.

The following are the requirements needed for one to pass our application process


  • South African national identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Proof of residential address
  • A pay slip form the current employer

RCS and the Application ?

Applications for RCS quick loans can be done from our offices near you or online using our website.

The application process which is similar, in all ways one will need to fill in their personal and financial information, before submitting the required documents.

In that way applicants will be assured of the best opportunity to acquire a cheap loan from a legitimate lender.

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