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Your personal financial needs are so urgent that you can not afford to be taken around a lengthy application, client assessment and evaluation whilst the time is running out.

About – Speedy loans

The modern world is super fast that people will lose everything in additional minutes of delays. This is why our Speedy Loans brings you super fast access to free yourself from unexpected problems.

Welcome to the platform of the swift loan broker, one that operates with a clock on the wall, making sure that no second of the loan applicant’s time goes to waste.

Time is a significant factor to an individual who would be in a dire need for financial aid. That is to say any delay in the disbursement, and the applicant suffers more in terms of opportunities foregone or losses. A quick loan will be the best answer in events like these.

Speedy loans bring you the opportunity to nail your problems in an instant. Our emphasis is more of bringing investments closer to the South Africans who have a need. We have spread our services to cater to clients who are blacklisted as we improve the concept of financial inclusion in South Africa.

Why use Speedy loans to get a Quick loan?

At Speedy Loans, one will get a service that has a higher component of responsible lending, ethical and transparent practices. This means that your quick loan will be a package that gives you value from your initial engagement.

Over the years of operating in South Africa, providing quick loans, we have devised a better way to provide financial services to the South African environment. We have an essential emphasis on improving the lives of South Africans through cheap, fast and reliable financial services.

Our quick, easy loans facilitate financial inclusion in a way that we have relatively low application requirements as compared to other institutions. This gives us an enhanced ability to cover a more significant round of applicants.

Up to date, our quick loan applicants come from all corners of the country, with clients from various backgrounds being able to obtain our quick loans. With us, financial inclusion does not only end with the provision of quick loans to these clients, but it also goes the extra mile in educating and providing financial guidance to the clients.

That is to say at Speedy Loans, one will give a service that is more than a quick loan.

Speedy loans  has cheap interest rates and simple repayments

Speedy Loans invested resources in the research of the best quick loans offered in the market. In that way, we have come up with loan providers that offer relatively low interest rates.

Interest rates form the more significant part of one’s short term loan costs, although some companies may charge initiation and administration fees. The more substantial part of charges will be laid on interest rates. A quick loan with small interest rates will allow one to make an easy repayment. Also, as their debt will be significantly reduced as compared to those with more significant interest rates.

Accessing a fast loan with us will mean that you enter a transparent phase of borrowing. At speedy loans, we value the understanding and agreements made by our customers with an informed standing.

We have several consultants who are devoted to giving you all the required information and explanations for your quick loan engagement. In addition to this, we have put all the relevant information on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on our website. We are making sure that when clients do not get a consultant, they can always help themselves.

A quick loan accessed with Speedy Loans will not expose any client to a lender who operates with hidden charges and excessive interest rates.

Prospective applicants can access quick loans in amounts that range from as little as R500 to a maximum of R 8 000, with the price that one access depending on the applicant’s credit standing and need.

Our quick loans will come with a repayment period that ranges from two weeks up to six months. The National Credit Regulator’s provisions bound the interest rates as they do not exceed 5% per month.

A loan applicant needs to meet the NCR minimum criteria for them to be able to make a successful application.

Our application criteria is separated into conditions and documents required to prove the conditions of the applicant.

Below are the two sets of application criteria


  • Be South African citizens
  • Should fall within an age range of 18 to 64 yrs
  • Employed with regular income
  • Have South African bank account in which their income is received through


  • South African national identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer
  • Proof of residential address

Apply with Speedy Loans?

Our quick loans are accessed in a quick and easy loan application process. The loan application process is wholly done online through our website.

The application requires applicants to fill their information before uploading their documents.

The applicant will be required to read, understand our terms and conditions before submitting the whole application.

When the application is successful, the applicant will receive a call from one of our consultants who will provide the relevant directions on how they will strike a deal with our partner.

When the client agrees to the terms and conditions of the credit provider, funds will be made available through the bank account provided.

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