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Getting a loan has never been this easy, imagine a company that will give you financial aid within minutes of making an application.

About – Wonga

A company that understands your needs to the extent that when you apply for a loan, you unlock a package of related financial services to allow you a secure repayment.

When it comes to sourcing personal finance, South Africans deserve to be treated with fast, reliable and sustainable service. The financial aid will need to be as fast as possible to align with the fast-paced world that applicants will be waiting to deal with upon accessing the loans.

These types of quick loans can only be accessible from a company that is resourceful and operating through the right financial framework. Our company brings you an unbeatable financial solution that will help you bypass all forms of urgent problems that affect your life.

Wonga is an international financial institution that operates on the South African environment supported by its establishments in the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland. Wonga provides insurance and short term personal finance in the form of quick loans.

Wonga quick loans are credit extensions that we roll out to clients with an immediate need for funding.  These needs might range from bills, rates, shopping or any other reason that needs one to source funding in a matter of urgency. 

To South Africans, Wonga pledges to give a service that is next to none. Also, taking consideration of your culture, needs and abilities, we will customise the financial aid in a way that you deserve.

A quick loan with wonga?

Quick loans offered here are part of our responsibility of extending financially inclusive products to South Africans. As a country that have some poorly developed sections,  South Africa remains a country where a massive number of residents do not have access to financial services.

In a bid to reduce the consequences of this, our company has taken some positive steps to improve the living standards of South African residents.  To enhance access to financial services, our company have quick, easy loans that are highly accessible.

Wonga quick loans are accessible in the sense that there are very few application requirements. In addition to an easy online application process which can be done by anyone from anywhere.

Quick loans with Wonga are issued with a high level of responsibility. The most important part is being able to change the financial condition of the people who engage in the right way. We will make sure that relevant credit checks and internal assessments are made to the extent that satisfies our credit team.

This gives us a list of clients who have the willingness and ability to make full loan repayments.  In addition to the credit assessment process, our team will make the right track of the loan, making sure that clients receive all the guidance.

Quick loans with Wonga have an option of insurance, and this will take care of your loan balances in times of retrenchment, permanent injury or death.

What quick loan amounts does wonga offer?

When it comes to transparency,  Wonga is the undisputed champion of transparency in financial services. Our operations and daily activities seek to satisfy clarity for three reasons, and these include our corporations reporting obligations. Our stakeholders to understand and finally, the legal corporate governance regulations.

That is, on all stages of our operations, one will be given a clear and concise explanation of all the relevant issues. When applying for your quick loan, all the information relating to covenants will be disclosed to you in full details.  These could be interest rates, application procedures, requirements, and the resource are taken when one fails to meet the quick loan covenants.

At Wonga, we are not associated with any actions that are related to charging of hidden costs and excessive rates. We give you the best value in one package.

The quick loans provided here are one of the best personal finance solutions that one could ever access in the country. Our quick loans come in amounts that range from R400 to R4 000. These would be payable in periods that go up to six months, and these would be equal monthly installments where the loan term is longer than two months.

For all your quick loans, Wonga gives you low-interest rates, from as little as 21% per year, you can obtain a quick loan service.

Wonga brings you quick loans at a cheaper, easy and faster way.

The company has put a list of documents as the minimum application criteria.

The requirements include the following documents.


  • South African national identity document.  
  • Three months stamped bank statement.
  • Proof of residential address.
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer.

How to apply with Wonga?

Applicants who meet the above mentioned criteria will need to submit their applications through our online application portal.

The application involve the filling of full personal and financial details before submitting the applicant’s documents which align with information submitted on personal information.  

When one manages to file a successful application, they will only need to wait for a few minutes before one of our consultants reach out to finalize the deal, in that way you would have passed the quick way to financial freedom.

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