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With over thirteen years’ experience in the microfinance sector, Albatross money has gained expertise, excellent and incomparable specialisation in the lending Business.

About – Albatross Money

The company caters for all income groups, and particular focus is made on marginalised citizens. Our products mainly seek to bail out the community from a wide array of financially motivated problems.

Our inclusive financial model gives us responsibility for making affordable lending to the community we live ethically. That is one will expect our short-term loans to be quick and straightforward to access, but, all the relevant protection procedures on the client is not ignored.

There are many microfinance institutions out there, but most miss an essential part that is financial inclusion. The core importance of microfinance lies within financial inclusion, which is making the financial services and products available to the marginalised communities or groups of people.

That is why at Albatross Money, we place much emphasis on financial inclusion because it means nothing to the community if it doesn’t provide for the need gap. Our company makes sure that we offer short term loans to the community that is in need, marginalised and also those who can realise the benefit of using Albatross Money.

Large numbers of South Africans out there do face dire financial situations. Sometimes it halts their development, but it doesn’t mean their financial need will be that large, but the gaps will still matter.

At Albatross Money, we provide short term loans to individuals to allow them to meet their immediate financial needs to put a smooth flow to living.

They say little things do matter and so this goes the same with short term loans. Our short term loans will give you a kick start into the way you want to go, allowing you to further up towards your destiny.

Does Albatross offer Short-Term loans?

At Albatross short term loans represent a quick, easy, unsecured and reliable extension of microcredit which is repaid in a period below six months. Our short term loans are there to help you smooth up your daily activities with the funding you need.

Over a more extended period, everyone might need to gain a large sum of money, but its small amount that enables individuals to strike big. Our short term loans are designed to put an end to all the life inconveniences.

We offer microloans to all individuals that qualify. Our loans reach up to R3 000 in amounts and are repayable within six months. These represent a simple way of contributing to the welfare of our society and clients, as we try to give them a push so that they can have a move on their own.

Most low-income groups or those that are on monthly payroll experience problems of running out of cash flow in between a loan month.

People should reserve their worries about such situations because we are there to cover up for such gaps in a comfortable, fast and affordable way.

At Albatross Money, we appreciate the bearing that time has on an emergency or immediate need for finance.

The differences between passing and failure in life are marked by seconds.

Our loan requirements are necessary for us to identify our clients and to abide by the National Credit Act.

Below is a short list of our loan requirements


  • National identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip
  • Working cell phone number
  • South African bank account

Loan Application Process with Albatross

The constant use of technology in our business practice has made us able to make our loan application more comfortable and faster. Also, at the same time, enabling us to cover all corners of the country.

Our loans can be applied online or at our offices. There is no difference between where and how you use. With the online application, the client can take control of the speed of the application process, as all you need is internet access.

One will need to fill in their details on our application portal on the website. Along with the application, one will need to submit the relevant documents before they can finish and submit the application form.

Soon after making a successful application, our team will assess the application, and within a day, they will be availed. A loan amount before it is deposited in the provided bank account.

One of our consultants will communicate with you, confirming the loan disbursement. As simple as that one will have their required finances and get over with unplanned financial hardships.

What is the repayment structure with Albatross?

With Albatross Money, all our things are quick and straightforward. With these short repayment periods, we have designed our products to be hustle free.

Our repayments are fixed monthly repayments that are made directly from your bank account via direct debit. Within six months, one will be done with payments and their credit score will be flourishing again.

Albatross Money is your trusted convenience funding institutions where hustle free loans are obtained in an instant. Our products are highly respected for their ethical and low chargers.

Albatross is your one-stop short term loan institution.

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