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Bayport finance is a contemporary financial institution that prides itself with the provision of personal loans, short term finance at quick and affordable rates.

About – Bayport SA

Most South African citizens face a dire shortage of financial backup. Unfortunately, sometimes it is that lack of funding that is responsible for failure to fulfil their life goals.

As Bayport Finance, we have vast experience in the provision of microfinance services. Short term loans have made our clientele realise how we care for them by having these loans disbursed to them at little costs.

Short term loans at Bayport are small loans that are offered to our clients at a very low cost, with the main emphasis of smoothing their lives financially.

Sometimes we get large sums, but larger loans are meant to embark on big projects. So, what do we do when we lack daily cash flow? This is when the need for short term loans rises, and so at Bayport Finance, we will put an end to these problems.

Why Bayport Finance?

Bayport finance has designed its loans to suit the gap between long term finance and the strife faced by clients to make repayments.

Hence our budget boosters have the following merits as compared to the others

  • Low-interest rates
  • No interest rates on monthly budget boosters to clients with current loans
  • We give loans on top of another loan

Short term Finance

Bayport Financial Services provides short term finance under the brand name budget boosters, and our budget boosters show our commitment to our clientele.

Because our clients represent the community that brought us to be what we are, we are ploughing back through the issuing of very cheap short-term loans.

Our budget boosters are an ultimate benefit to our clients as some of them are interest-free.

Monthly Budget Booster

The monthly budget boosters represent our short-term loans that are issued to our clients for free.

We understand that our clients at some point while paying a long-term loan. The need for short term finance is very high as sometimes income might only be available at the end of the month. The clients will benefit much from this extension of cost-free credit.

The monthly budget boosters are short term loans with amounts ranging between R500 to R1 000 with no interests, payable within one month.

Quarterly budget booster at bayport Finance

The Quarterly budget boosters are also short-term loans meant to give some level of a financial boost to the clientele at the end of every three months.

The quarterly budget boosters are given to loyal clients with a proven working record. The quarterly budget boosters as their name suggests, they are payable within three months with an interest rate of 3%.

Short term loans at Bayport finance are meant to reward our clients for honouring and committing themselves to work with us in good books.

That is why our clients will get a budget booster without any hustle, making being a current client, the only requirement for existing clients. For Non-existing clients, they can only acquire a three months short term loan quarterly budget booster.

Below is a short list of our requirements for short term loans


  • National identity document
  • Proof of income (letter from the employer or Pay slips)
  • Three months stamped bank statement with a South African Bank

Bayport Finance and the easy application process

The Bayport short term loans are one of the more straightforward ways to get backup finance for our clients. The application process is simple, fast and secure. Our short-term loans (budget boosters) are all applied online through our website.

The application process for clients with an active loan involves one logging into their loan account. One click and a budget booster will be added, and the money will be directly credited to your bank account.

Clients without current loans running with our company are only eligible for a three months budget booster, and they will need to apply like a standard personal loan. The application process can be done online or at one of our branches.

Through an online application, one will need to fill up their details at the application portal. After the personal filling information, our clients would then need to submit supporting documents before completing and submitting the application process.

As soon as our credit team assess your application, all successful applicants will have their money deposited into the bank accounts provided.

Bayport Finance and its Repayments

At Bayport Finance, the short-term loans will have different payment models. Based on whether you are a client who is repaying a current loan or a new applicant for a budget booster.

To our existing clients a budget booster and the primary loan account will be combined, and the repayment will be made as one account. To new clients, the repayment will be made as a personal loan on its own.

Our loans are repaid in fixed monthly instalments. This is the loans we arrange for a debit order system that allows payments to be deducted directly from your bank account.

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