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Bonus Buddy is a private financial services company that operates in South Africa with a mandate of providing affordable, quick short-term loans to the South African community.

About – Bonus Loan

Our company lays on a foundation of providing sustainable funding that pacifies up your life through times of hardships. At some point in life, one experiences financial difficulties with no much options.

Some situations are dangerous that they cannot be unavoidable as they are a dilemma to lifetime opportunities. The need for a short-term loan builds on the imminence and importance of the activity that one must carry out.

At Bonus Buddy, we make sure that our clients realise their needs and quickly carry out the relevant activities when it still matters. This is why we are always working on moulding our short-term loans to meet all the following requirements of South African citizens.

Bonus buddy is an innovative financial institution which crafts its unique products that takes the community for good to amazement. At a shallow interest rate, one can have a short-term loan to cover various things. Examples are holiday expenditure, shopping, birthday funding and emergencies without having to worry about applying hustles.

Our easy loans are fast and easy to apply that any literate individual can successfully implement.

Loans at Bonus Loan

Bonus loans are short term loans we offered by Bonus Buddy without security with minimum interest and relatively low repayment periods.

Due to the structure of our income periods as monthly salaries, we have seen that most South Africans face a problem of insufficient or uneven flow of income. On the month and this has a negative emotional and social impact on our citizens.

Our company have designed short-term loans to allow our people to take control of times when their funds will be lacking.

The Bonus loans were specifically designed for the employees that have bonuses. We have mentioned sometimes the need for money arises months earlier before you receive your dues.

In such scenarios, we are left with two options, which are; whether to forgo our needs or engage with bonus loans. Bonus Buddy short term loans were designed to cover you now know that you will at some point, have an income.

The loan can cover you now for a payment that will be made in two months period. That is if you receive your bonus in November, your needs can be taken care of during September.

The bonus loans will work differently depending on where you work. We currently offer these short-term loans to two classes of people that is the government employees and those employed within the public sector.

For those employed by the government, loans are accessible upon verification of employment details. For that employment in the private sector, there needs to be tangible proof that you will get a bonus income at the end of the year.

The bonus loans are one of the simplest ways one can get a short-term loan for immediate needs. Our requirements do not seek to unveil a lot of things but to prove the existence of employment and bonus details.

Because short term loans will be needed as soon as possible as they are used to cover urgent financial needs. Requesting long lists of documentation and putting stringent conditions will not help the citizens.

For one to apply for our short-term loan they must be employed whether by government or by a private company.

Below is a list of what these people will need to complete applications,


  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Recent pay slip
  • South African national identity document

Your gross salary is what we use for application purposes, and so there might be a need for us to verify your salary income to determine how much you are eligible for.

We also excuse clients that are on sequestration or under debt review.

The application process with Buddy loan

Short term loans at Bonus buddy are exclusively applied online through an application portal on our website.  The application process is simple and faster to such an extent that you might only need five minutes to complete.  One will fill in their details and the loan requirements as part of the application process.

The application cannot be completed before the submission of relevant documents, after uploading the documents, one will then need to sign through our terms and conditions before applying.  Depending on the state of your papers, the loan assessment and approval can take minutes. Once the loan is approved, the money will be directly deposited into your bank account provided on the application process.

That simple, you can have your money to cover your experiences, birthdays, holidays or emergencies in an instant. That is, we value the need and importance of your time. We won’t waste it on just making applications.

What are Buddy loan repayments?

The repayment of our short-term loans is structured in such a way that it will not make you have an emotional strain of creating a more extended repayment period. The feeling of being in debt can have a strong bearing on one’s state of being, which might also affect our health.  

Our short-term loans are paid in one transaction, that is the loan disbursed within two months before a repayment. The clients have the 1st month to skip and will be automatically deducted on the second month from the bank account provided.

Because they are small short-term loans, they won’t have a significant impact on your take-home salary.

How does it work with Buddy loan?

As we have mentioned that the bonus loans are specific differently crafted short-term loans, they also work individually with traditional lending.

For our short-term loans, one can calculate their loan amount, which will be 20% of their salary or a maximum of R4 000. That is if one gets R15 000 a month, their 20% will be R3 000. In a case where the 20% is more significant, then R4 000 their loan will be pegged at R4 000.

For example, if your salary is R25 000, 20% is R5 000. So, the amount of the loan will be R4 000.

Bonus Buddy is a certified and registered financial services company which works following the South African rules. Regulations at the same time are abiding with the National credit regulator directive.

Our short-term loans are meant to foster personal development in an easy way for our hard-working citizens. Our customers represent a unique foundation for our business’s survival and growth, which is why we provide the best service at all times.

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