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Chain Pay financial services have more than twenty-five years’ experience in providing microfinance services to the South African community.

About – Chain Pay

Our experiences in working with the people have made us draw a pattern of needs and relevant solutions to our clients. We provide personal loans and short-term finance that are specifically designed to help our communities in situations of need and at the same time, fostering the concept of financial inclusions.  

With Chain Pay every loan client matters to us despite the size of a loan that they apply for. We place much care and excellent services on applicants for short term loans. We recognise that short term clients are the ones that make us bigger and stronger through how they spread the company’s goodwill into our societies.

The need for short-term loans is on a trend of constant increase, with the rise in the cost of living. Inflation is eating up the little amount we earn, and most people realise that what they receive can no longer sustain them. Our employers and government to react, but they do it late with corrective measures.

They will only come to increase our salaries when there has been a vivid sign of shortage through funding. Most people are always finding themselves short of funding when there is an essential need for finances.

With economic hardships accumulating daily and more employers now tend to give their employees monthly salaries, which somehow don’t correspond with the employees spending habits.

A lot of things happen between a month, and most people would be having nothing left of their salaries. When problems affect us at this point, there will be a dire need for financial backup.

Short-term loans help us to get over these moments quickly. It’s when the small loan amounts with lower costs will mark their real importance in the welfare of our people.

Short Term Loans with Chainpay

Short-term loans represent the micro extension of credit to salaried employees that are repayable in less than six months.

At Chain Pay, we offer short-term loans with amounts that range from R500 to R3 000 with repayment periods that stretch to six months. Our short-term loans are specifically meant to improve your immediate financial problems.

These might be covering home expenses, servicing your car, holiday, covering other debts, fuel and other emergencies. All theses sundry costs, we are here to help you. Our short-term loans are disbursed with shallow interest, which is why our clients favour us.

Our company values the needs of clients, and in every stage of our operations, we make extra efforts to enable the community to access financial services.

This is proven with our leniency and ease when it comes to our loan requirements.  For us to keep moving forward with the mandate of financial inclusion, we must allow as many people the same time complying with our regulatory authorities and credit bureaus.

We have put the following requirements list, which is mandatory for one to qualify for a short-term loan.


  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Clear copy of South African identity document
  • Latest pay slips showing a monthly salary of more than R3 000
  • The applicant should also have reached 18 years up the day of making applications

Applying with Chainpay

At Chain Pay, our short-term loans have an easy and fast application process.  We have embraced the need for technology in our operations to the extent that our short loan applications are exclusively completed online.

Through our website, one needs to log on or sign up for an account if they’re first time users. Upon opening the portal one will be asked to fill in their personal details, including financial information. Our applicants will then need to upload relevant supporting documents before they are taken to terms and conditions of the loan.

The applicant will now need to apply to the evaluation team, and once the loan is approved, the amount will be deposited into the bank account provided. That’s, it’s that simple, and you will have money to spend on your needs.

Repayments with Chainpay

All the short-term loans will take a repayment period of fewer than six months. This has been designed to give clients a quick emotional recovery on the burden of having a pending financial obligation.

The shorter the repayment period, the better for individual lenders as it also comes with low interest on a short-term loan.

Our repayments, (instalments) are equal monthly payments that are automatically allotted to the provided bank account. Our debit order system allows you to relax and forget about going to make payments whenever instalments are due.

Chain Pay financial services provides its clients with financially relevant products that have a record of improving the lives of our clients during recessions and emergencies.

Our clients support us with the market we need, which is why we provide them with cheap and fast loans. When it comes to short-term loans, Chain Pay is the one-stop lender.

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