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Have you ever wondered about where you can get smart financial solutions at a cheap, faster, and secure place, well you are at the right place!

About – Cobol

Cobol loans is a microfinance institution that offers smart financial solutions to individuals in South Africa. An intelligent financial solution is one which is hustle free, quick to apply, and it is ready to repay.  

Our company has been working to improve the livelihoods of South Africans since its inception 12 years ago. Our products were modified and matured to make sure we are always on point when it comes to safeguarding the financial needs of our people.

Fast short-term loans are not just issued, and they are released before consultative and progressive coaching of our clients. We are making sure that we only remain with clients that have a real need for a short term loan.

Over the periods, we have witnessed several people who would go just for a quick loan. It is easier to acquire, but it starts to experience problems in repaying. The process of lending does not only end with using the money, and the repayment process is one other moment where you will be returning what you use.

We make sure we teach our clients to understand that taking a loan is much easier than paying it back. In the end, we remain with smart clients who have a real need for a short term loan.

Because of the increasing demand for the short term, our company has managed to develop a product that has rescued more clients who intend to borrow on progressive finance.

Where there is a need for short term loan finance, the necessity will be very important. Also, it is how microfinance institutions can use their products for improving the wellness of the society.

Cobol and its Short Term Loans

At Cobol loans, our short-term loans represent a small, imminent, and cost-effective financial product that we designed for the community. The loans are small in amount, but also the interest rates and repayment periods are minimal.

Our loans are cheap. Most people have managed to bridge the gap between the shortage of cash and the minimum interests as possible, striking a balance to come up with a cost-effective financial plan.

We make constant engagements with our clients, and our loans are always on the right point where there is a need. We yield effectiveness in fostering financial inclusion and ethical lending, leaving our clients as winners of all times.

Short terms loans as their name suggests, they are short in repayment and small in amounts, with us one should also expect the requirements to be quick and reasonably attainable.

At our company, we recognized that a lot more people require short term loans than they do with a personal loan because almost everyone will have an immediate need for funding.

With us, one will expect to have only the following to get a loan


  • Have a three months stamped bank statement
  • South African National identity card
  • Employed where a salary of more than R3 000 will be deposited monthly sin your bank account

Cobol application Process

As with many of our competitors, we have short-term loans that are also applied online. It is needed to exist, so one can also use it manually at our offices.

The application process is a clear and short session of filling in your details in our portal. On the same application port, it is where one will find the contractual obligations and the loan covenants. Including interest, repayment periods, and any applicable fees if available.

Upon agreeing to the terms and conditions, one will also need to upload supporting documents, then complete and submit your application to our credit team.

Our team will be able to work on the assessment and approval of your loan within minutes after your application process.

Once the loan is approved, you can then be given a notice of disbursement before the funds will be deposited in the bank account provided. “Guess what that means”? You have got a loan and can now use your money for your needs.

Repayment options with Cobol

The short-term loan once disbursed will constitute the principal loan amount with these effects loan interest, administration fees, and debits to the client’s account.

The Short-term loan is paid in equal monthly installments, which commence after one month from the date of issue. The installments will be directly debited from the client’s bank account provided during the application process. The client will need not to worry about the unbundling of a loan into interest, admin fees, and the installment will cover the principal amount as all these.

Once the repayment period, which is six months for a most short-term loan, the whole process will be over, and you should consider yourself a winner.

Short term loans at Cobol financial institutions are the real answer to your following financial problems as they are fast, easy, and transparent to work with. When it comes to short term loans, come to Cobol and let us make you a winner.

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