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Cube Financial services is a registered microfinance institution that operates with a core mandate of providing sustainable personal loans to South African citizens.  

About – Cube Finance

With more than ten years’ experience in the lending business. We precisely forecasted on improving the lives of our client base. We understand that the business of lending does not only end with borrowing and lending, but it goes the extra mile to improve the lives of the people involved.

Our company has invested more in the research on financial needs and in what way does the clientele wants to be covered. This ranges from loan types, repayments, loan amounts, and interest. With all these experiences, it helps us to strike a balance between loan sizes and the emotional impact it has on the client during and after the repayment period.

Our company has also gained relevant expertise through the practice of lending and dealing with multitudes of clients. Through working with people, we have recorded stunning data about the behavior, needs, and perceptions that our community holds.

This has profoundly influenced the way we designed our short-term loans and personal loans. It folds up to show the focal needs and expectations that various clients hold about microlenders. Throughout the whole process, our company has been able to master short term and personal lending.

Cube Finance offers Short-term loans

Accidents do happen, and when they don’t give us notices.They arrive and catch us unaware at those moments when our bank accounts have little amounts reserved to make us survive.

When this tragedy hit us at moments like these, we must look at other ways. That is, we must find a short-term loan lender who offers affordable short-term finance to empower us to get over the financial situations. This will mean we are a company that understands your needs, your financial stability, and the urgency of your situation looks like.

Our company provides affordable and reliable short-term loans to the South African community. Our short-term loans have amounts that go up to R8 000, with repayment periods of up to eight months long.

Our maximum interest rates are pegged at 28% annualized interest rates. This makes our short-term loans one of the cheapest amongst the rest.

The simple financial solutions are obtainable to the majority of people, that’s making essential things more comfortable to obtain to most people.

We care, and so we are always fostering financial inclusion every step of the way, but to do this, we have to make sure that our requirements are attainable at the same time we stay in line with the concept of responsible lending.

Below is a short list of our requirements for one to be able to acquire a short-term loan with us.


  • A South African National Identity document
  • Three months stamped bank statements
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

How to apply with Cube Finance?

The application process at Cube finance is straightforward, fast, and reliable that one can complete it within minutes, and their short-term loan is available for disbursement. The application process is carried out through our online portal that is accessed through our website.

One will have to fill an application form that collects their personal information and relevant supporting documents. The applicant will then finish the application by going through and submitting the request.

As soon as the loan application goes through our will work on it such that within the time range of six minutes to 24 hours, the loan will be ready.

The Loan

At Cube Finance, our short-term personal loans constitute three components that are interest rates, initiation fees and administration fees. The interest element represents the cost of the loan and at the same time, the contribution made by the client to the company income.

The ignition fee will help the company with the processing of the short-term loan application and verification of the details, and this fee is a once off payment made in the first month.

The last element, which is the facilitation fee represents the cost of repayment collection and loan authorization, and it is part of the installments.

The Repayments

The loan is repaid in equal loan installments that are deducted directly from the bank account provided during the application process.

The repayment starts after one month from the date of disbursement with the installments that will be offsetting the principal all the three additional components of the elements of the loan short term loan.

When the repayment is complete, the loan account also closes successfully leaving an excellent credit rating.

Our short-term loan customers are given the inspiration to the gate of freedom, and our loans are meant to provide cheap, easy, and ethical financial power to our clientele.

The more you deal with us, the higher your power to escape financial hardships. At Cube finance, when it comes to short- term loans, we deliver.

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