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Dube Finance operates a financial pooling program that is meant to aid South African citizens when they are in times of need.

About – Dube Loans

At Dube finance, we offer short-term unsecured funding for various needs that our clients might be looking to cover. Because we are a South African born company and the background of Ubuntu defines our work. We are sensitive to your cultures, ethics, beliefs, and how your community works.

At Dube finance, we are also actively involved in the protection of our customers. We are always making sure that we protect them from massive lending and indebtedness.  This, we do it through our consultative coaching of prospective clients and those with existing loans.

Throughout our practicing experience, we have come to appreciate the impact and emotional burden that loans have on clients. Sometimes the feeling of being in debt and having a financial obligation now and then is stronger than the economic value of the investment itself.

Therefore, we coach our clients to always stay within their limits when it comes to short term loans.

Dube Loans and its effective short torm loans

Sometimes life is just what it is, and we cannot control things around us. We can reduce the impact of a situation with the appropriate financial means.

That is how you cope with personal problems is highly dependent on how large your pocket is or how fast you can get relevant funds. Short-term loans are the closest and reliable answer to these issues nowadays. Short term loans are just one reliable source of finance that can get you to slip past your financial problems.

The need for a short-term loan is on an amazingly increasing rate as compared to previous decades; in this modern-day financial issue causes more harm than anything else. These range from family disputes, health issues, rentals.

The need sometimes exceeds the available funds, with us knowing that we will have a salary at the end of the month we should not feel the grip anymore. Most people get reserved for engaging with short term loans. We

always too worried about what people will say Wef forget that most people will not be there when they suffer financially.  

Short term loans help the populace to get over immediate financial obstacles that life always presents to us. It is essential for one to know that it is not worth it to struggle and miss essential activities in life when one can get a short-term loan.

The traditional lending had the perception that personal loans were a way used by money laundering. Individuals used it to slowly exploit the poor people with their hard-earned wealth making the lender the ultimate beneficiary at the cost of their clients.

 New short-term loans have embraced and appreciated the need for personal loans that our market presence. This led to the development and molding of short-term loans in a way that would yield a win-win situation allowing these loans to also contribute towards social and economic development.

When financial tragedy hit us, sometimes we can’t afford to wait. At moments like these, we must look at other ways where we can source a commercial solution quickly. That is, we must find a personal loan lender who offers affordable short-term finance to empower us to get provide the financial situations within our time limits.

This will mean to have a company that understands your needs, financial the urgency of our situations.  Dube Finance understands that sometimes, life is just what it is unless something happens. Yes, we cannot control things around us, but we can reduce the impacts of a situation with the appropriate financial means.

A that relevant and convenient short-term loan is one offered by our company, it only carries the following requirements.


  • Copy of your national identity card
  • Three months Bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

How to Apply with Dube loans?

Extra to making our loan prerequisites. We also cater for everyone, including blacklisted, that is; all the clients are eligible to take it further to our online portal to make a short-term loan application.

The application process starts with filling personal details on our website, after completing all the relevant stages the client can now apply.

The post-application assessments will take less than a day for the whole process up to disbursement of the loan. As soon as the loan is approved, we will deposit the appropriate amount in your bank account. It is that easy, and you are already covered on your financial gap.

Because most people want to have short term loans, as lenders, we represent the pioneering of responsible borrowing within our clientele. We are not going to have a scenario where everyone who wants a loan to borrow with us. It is easy to acquire a loan, it’s not the same with repayments, and so our loans are based on the individual needs rather than wants.

We are saying that short term loans are of severe issues or situations that give us a real dilemma. So when it comes to financial solutions that work with ethics, Dube finance is here for you.

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