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Fincheck offers free guides and financial solutions to the South African market. Over the years, we have engaged ourselves with large and respectable lenders to provide our clients with the best of short-term finance they need.

About – Fincheck

Our relationship with our clients is determined to be the right perspective and ethical working relationship when we built with them over time.

Accidents do happen, and when they occur, we don’t get a notice for that so that we can plan. They arrive and catch us unaware and at those moments when our bank accounts have a little amount or just enough to make us survive.

How you cope with personal problems is highly dependent on how large your pocket is and how fast you can get relevant funds. Short-term loans are the closest and reliable answer to these issues. Short term loans are just one reliable source of finance that can get you to slip past your financial problems

Why Short-Term Loans with Fincheck?

Short-term loans are micro to small unsecured loans extended to individual borrowers to cover their immediate small needs for finance.

The primary purpose of short-term loans is to facilitate breaks or small financial gaps that represent obstacles in one’s life.

Sometimes what we need in life is a starting point and little push so that we can move on our own. Short term loans represent a jumpstart that one needs to initiate a move out of their creativity.  Just like machines, we humans, we also work similarly.

When we encounter problems, we will need some fixing, up to a certain point when we can stand on our own. With our short-term loans, as Fincheck finance, we are there to give you that support and to try bail you out of troublesome situations. Our fast loans are also meant to serve people where a real need exists. That is, short-term loans will benefit so much when there is a matter of urgency and need.  Short-term loans are meant to cover up serious issues that life presents.

Short-term loans are a cost-effective financial solution that one can get from our partner financial institutions.  A short-term loan cost in terms of interest is very low. Compared to long term interest, and low risk (quick repayment period reduces credit risk) the short-term loan is a far much better financial solution.

With these unpredictable changes in economic activities, our government now experiences more extended financial obligations unless one wants to find themselves defaulting the loan.

Failure to comply or repay the loan in full comes with long-term negativity that is recorded against your name.

The financial institutions and lenders we partner with are registered with credit bureaus that trace up your loan performance during and after repayments. While long term loans usually paint you bad, short term loans are a more important deal to improve your name on the board.

Short-term loans help you to better your financial condition.

Short term loan requirements are one of the significant things we considered when selecting our partners and people who want to partner with us. At the same time, we have conditions that we are also expected to meet. That is never letting our partner’s ethics get carried away with the empathy of helping those in need.

The more we engage with many clients and partners, the more we also learn new things in our business practices.  Because we do not directly offer the loans, but we have compiled a short list that our clients require.

Our short-term loans would require one to provide a few things that include


  • South African identity document (barcoded South
  • African national ID card or drivers license)
  • Three months stamped bank statement from a South African bank
  • Latest Pays Slip from the current employer

Fincheck and its Application Process

The application process is done through our website, and one will have to fill in their personal and financial information. The client will be prompted to choose from our list of the rationally selected list of lenders and financial institutions.

Upon selecting a lender, one will fill in the final application with the chosen lender. Upon completing and submitting the request for the loan, they will be assessed in hours, and the successful applications will have their funding within the same day.

With Fincheck financial services, our clients will never go wrong. We give the best advice and credit assistance to equip our customers with the tools they need to get financial freedom.

Fincheck financial services will always be there to lead you in the right and safer way, you choose us you choose your destiny.

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