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Hoopla loans are a new financial institution which deals with the booking of financial products from a pool of large and respectable institutions.

About – Hoopla Loans

Our company operates entirely online, through our website, we provide all the services to our clients from completing the full-service delivery online. This has allowed us to do faster services at the same time, capturing a broad spectrum of clients.

Hoopla loans have embraced the growth on the Internet and the technological advancement of our people. We have been going for a while and this has empowered us to craft more products. At Hoopla loans, we help our clients and stakeholders reach their destination free of charge. Yes, our services are offered at no cost, that’s allowing our customers to achieve their opted financial status naturally.

It is essential for our stakeholders to know that we are not a lending institution, but we provide financial consulting services to stakeholders for free. We cover products ranging from insurance, loans, corporate finance, legal and funeral assurances.

Hoopla loans also do help with the amalgamation of lending and debt review services. Through our experience of working in the finance sector, we have gained sufficient and relevant knowledge on the best financial services suitable for you depending on your needs and abilities.  

We stand by your side and help you cope with short-term loans, insurance, assurance services, or debt review. Making us the ultimate broker and consultancy for financial services.

Hoopla Loans and short term loans 

At Hoopla, we offer a variety of short-term loans to prospective clients. Our system refines and select the best lenders for you on a quick list of credible, legitimate, and respected lenders.

Short term loans help us all in our day to day life. Sometimes it is a need to cover groceries, holidays, accidents, or any other emergency.  A short-term loan can be the best answer, and so our company has worked hard to make sure that you get the right solution in an instant.

At Hoopla, we offer cheap, smart, and easy short term at the right time with minimal requirements. Hoopla financial brokers have selected a list that provides short term loans that range from R100 to R8 000, with repayments of up to six months.

These loans would be having a maximum interest of 28% annualized interest rates, that’s how we give the best selection for your needs.

Our partners are new financial institutions that apply the best technology in processing client verifications and assessments.  

The reduction of loan requirements has the technology to make it faster and reliable way nowadays. When it comes to loan requirements, our clients should not worry about themselves, because we will only require a little information for identifying the persons.

The following is a short list of our financial requirements.


  • A South African national identity document (Bar-coded national identity card or Valid South African drivers license.
  • Three months stamped bank statement with a South African bank.
  • Proof of income in form of latest pay slip or stamped letter from the employer

How does it work with Hoopla Loans and its Short Term loan Procedure?

We represent a meeting point between lenders and borrowers making their business easy for both parties. To the borrower, they don’t need to look for a lender because the one which is reviewed will be available and also to the lenders since vetted customers will be ready

For one to make an application, the application is made through a portal on our website. Upon completing the application form, one will be prompted to select the short-term loan that they want. When the information is successfully uploaded on our account, the client will then wait for a short-term lender to reply to them. Because lenders are also our clients, your application will be made available to a pool of lenders who also have the option to choose.

The interested lender will contact you as soon as your short-term accept the offer, the lender will then deposit the money in the bank account provided. On average, the whole process up to loan disposal takes less than a day.

That easy we make the customer feel like a king as they are the ones who will be offering a borrowing bid to the lenders. Our site is safe and accredited for providing financial services, and one should not worry about their information as we keep it confidential between us and the and the lender.

We make sure that whenever we provide a service, we leave a trace of excellent service and this has built us to our current size.

At Hoopla loans, we regard your choices as essential selections and, in our services, we always make sure we deliver the best.

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