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Lifestyle Personal Finance is a registered and authorized financial services provider that focuses on providing a variety of personal finance loans.

About – Lifestyle Personal Finance

Our services range from payday loans, short term loans, school fees, vehicle, and home finance. With more than fifteen years’ experience in the provision of credit and insurance, Lifestyle Personal Finance offers unbeatable services to its clientele. This makes us a one-stop lender in personal finance.

In a bid to extend our coverage as an ultimate everyday credit and insurance provider. Our company has partnered with the First National Bank in broadening its financial resources that give unlimited financial inclusion.  

Our core values of integrity guide our company work committed, and enthusiasm in serving our customers. This has strengthened our bond with the clientele as they always identify us with a good name.

Our integrity to our customers lies within our ability to provide the best services, benchmarking the financial sector with ethical standards. Our Lifestyle Finance provides excellent services disregarding whether there are regulatory authorities or not.

We are pushed by our vision of being the best provider of overall financial products, a condition which we can only achieve through ethical and effective practice.

This works together with our enthusiasm and commitment to the betterment of the South African people’s social and economic undertakings.

LifeStyle Personal Offers effective Short-Term Loans

Lifestyle Personal finance operates the financial credit services with five loan types, the short-term loans being one of the outstanding and most demanded loan types.

As many people realize that our company is in the consistent improvement of short-term loans, the demand has also boomed. Our utmost importance the short-term loan product is one most crucial lifesaver. Short-term loans are small amounts of lending with short repayment periods, low risk, and relatively low-interest rates.

The need for short-term finance is a universal right for every citizen that has to be fulfilled by a responsible, ethical, and law-abiding financial institution.

Although short term loans are issued in small denominations over a short period, they save people with an urgency that most people would be looking to have.

Short term loans are of higher use in covering time sensitive and unplanned events that we face that require funding for us to pass. At our company, we offer short-term loans ranging from R1 000 to R15 000 per client with flexible repayment options coupled with low-interest rates.

LifeStyle Personal Requirements

Essential elements for our company are when it comes to serving and selecting the people with real needs is our consideration for the law, responsibility, and financial inclusion.

Our short-term loan requirements abide by the governing law of the National Credit Act. This is where we have to have details about the clients to detect and prevent acts of money laundering.

It is also our responsibility to ensure that we extent proper credit to the right customers. Also, considering the needs ability and willingness to repay to avoid getting our clients being over-indebted and defaulting with our loans. We are the face of financial inclusion, and so we are mandated to cater to all the groups of people. We are ensuring that the access of financial services doesn’t eliminate low-income groups.

The following are our requirements.


  • At least 18 years at the application date 
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

Applying with Lifestyle Personal 

The short-term loan application at our company is a short exercise that one can complete in the comfort of their home.

The short-term loan application is online based, and one will need to fill a short form, submit it together with supporting documents that will be accompanied by our terms and conditions.

Upon finishing and submitting the loan application online, our clients will then wait a few hours when the loan application is approved, notifications will be given, and the funds will be transferred to the provided bank account.

Repayments at Lifestyle Personal 

As soon as one receives their funds, a loan account will be created with us. This account will accrue with the principal amount borrowed, interest, and administration cost before the loan repayment commences.

These three elements will then be offset by the equal installments that you determined during the application process.  All our repayments are made with a direct debit method from the bank account provided. As soon as you complete your repayment the account will automatically have a zero balance that means you have successfully repaid your loan.

This simultaneously means your credit scores have also improved, for every short-term loan that you pay. It’s a bonus point over a short space of time.

Lifestyle Personal finance is your committed lender which works responsibly in an ethical manner. The value of our loans is to our clients is priceless as we deliver the right to their customer’s needs.

Our company is devoted to changing the lives of South Africans for the better. For all your short-term loan requirements, Lifestyle Personal Finance is there to deliver.

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