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Lime 24 Loans South Africa is a registered modest financial institution that exclusively operates in South Africa. Our operations are moderate in the sense that we are amongst the few companies that offer sound online loans safely.

About – Lime 24

As we work to bridge the gap between financial need and quick solutions, we are leaders in responsible lending. Our company invests a lot in making researches on responsible lending, financial inclusion as we strive to stand our ground in the supporting of social stability.

Lime 24 operates with full transparency, Ethically, and responsibly because our clients represent the community that we were born and dread. Our products are there to serve the principal purpose of bringing help to the lives of our clients.

Our short-term loans are not fixed to one use, and we appreciate the need for financial independence amongst South Africans. This why we say whatever the need, we give our hand.

Life sometimes becomes hectic to the extent that at any stage, we fall prey to unplanned situations, some of which will require funding. Simply because there will be unexpected and unforeseen, we are always caught off guard and, in these situations, we find ourselves in dire need of financial assistance.

We might try friends and relatives, but sometimes people are not that helpful. Lime 24 is there to help you in such situations; we are a resourceful financial friend that will always be there to bail you out.

Lime 24 and Short-Term loans

Our company offers short term loans that are exclusively unsecured with amounts ranging from R300 to R5 000. These loans repayable between a period of four to sixty-five days, with low-interest charges.

Our short-term loans are meant to cover immediate financial needs that our clients might be facing. These can be rentals, medication, food or any other emergency. We are people, and at some stage of life, we need a loan. Lime 24 Loans is available to your rescue.

Why Lime 24?

Lime 24 Loans are the best way one gains financial freedom within minutes, and the company staff works hard to make the lives of South Africans easy. We are thus giving a smooth flow to living the way we want.

Below are some of the vast reasons why you should borrow with Lime 24 Loans


At Lime 24 Loans, you determine how fast you want your loan to be, and all our operations are automated — having a chance to apply and get a loan without any individuals standing in your way.

Our short term loans from the application process to repayment you determine how you want things to move, and this is what we call financial freedom


Lime 24 Loans exclusively offer the client loyalty scheme to loyal clients.

At Lime 24 Loans, we recognize that people need to be commended and rewarded for doing good, that is why we cut interest rates to all clients that make their payments in time.


With Lime 24 Loans, one can apply for a short-term loan knowing that they will have no other charges besides our low-interest rates.

Unlike other financial institutions that have high hidden costs, our loans are clear and transparent.


Lime 24 Loans South Africa works with accredited credit bureau institutions, and for our clients, this is just a bonus because they will have a short term and a quick loan just to put their name on the right posture again

Lime 24 Loans is a credible financial institution that was created with a mandate of serving the immediate needs of cash for South Africans, which is why we are always working to improve our services to the community we operate in.

What makes Lime 24 Loans lucrative to the populace is that our short-term loans are easily obtainable basing on the lenient requirements and lower effort it takes to acquire a loan here.

We are bounded more by trust than paperwork does, that is why we are an open institution to financial freedom.

Below is a list of few things we require


  • South African National identity document
  • South African Bank Account
  • Working South African cellphone number

Hot to acquire a loan with Lime 24?

Lime 24 loans operate uniquely with other microfinance institutions, and so this is what gives us an outstanding advantage.

Our clients and prospective clients will need to go through the following way when they have the documents as mentioned above.


The application is made exclusively online through our website; that is, we do not deal in person with clients when they intend to obtain a short-term loan.

All the clients will open an account with us through this website, and the report will contain all the relevant information, including banking. When the mind is set, and the complete profile is complete, the client can now make a loan application.

When the application is successful, our loans are disbursed to the client’s bank account within minutes.


After the client is disbursed with a short-term loan, they are given a few days grace period on which they cannot repay the loan, even when they want. After four days, the loan will be ready for the earliest payments if the client wants to make a payment.

When the payments are due to the account will have a notification. When one wants to make a payment, they do it via the same account which was used during the application process. Our clients will make repayments online via the payment portal in their loan account.

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