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Little loans finance is a financial intermediary that works to smooth-up the needs of clients and the plight of financial service providers.

About – Little loans

We have partnered with a vast number of registered South African companies that have a track record for serving people. Through useful researches, we have come to fill the gap that exists between the customers of financial services and the providers. Our existence shapes up an indisputable connection for these areas, through a safe and secure platform. We have been able to provide clients with short-term loans, and better directive for their needs as this has shaped up our name over time.

In modern-day short-term lending is a significant number of financial institutions that offer loans, but for one to find the right lender, it’s just a daunting task. For a prospective client to make several applications at the same time, it’s not only tiresome, but it also tarnishes their credit rating.

As with financial institutions, large applications will be recorded with the credit bureaus, and when the names appear on several companies, this becomes a problem for your credit score.

Our company makes that talk of the past as we work your one application to the short-term loan market where lenders will offer you a service.

Everything you need to know about short-term loans at little Loans

The growing demand for short term loans comes with significant confusion as the sector is operated by bogus cons and unethical lenders who try to profit from the citizens.

To make the right choice in selecting the right lender where there are no hidden costs and interest rates requires the guidance of people with experience and knowledge of these lenders.

We all at some moment, come to a point where there is a need to have a short-term loan as our financial stability fluctuates over the period. At this moment, that’s when we need the help of Little loans in the selection, application, and advisory over these short-term loans.

A short-term loan with our lenders is an extension of credit in a short period, and this is an unsecured personal loan. A short-term loan marks a difference between a payday loan and a long-term personal loan. Short-term loans we offer are meant to cover ones small and immediate finance requirements.  

The use of short-term loans ranges from shopping, covering debts, purchasing goods while they are still offered on discounts and anything that have an emergency nature in it.

The main advantage of a short-term loan lies within the period of repayment. Most people with experience of lending know how emotionally destructive it is to hold on the feeling of being in debt over a longer term. Having your money deducted from your account for a long time does take effect. This will not be the same with short-term loans as repayment quickly lapses, and one moves on with their lives.

Our short-term loans are offered in amount ranges of R500 to R8 000, which are usually payable between periods of four working days to six months long. Our short-term loans carry a maximum of 3% per month or a 36% annualized interest rate.

Because we are in a sector where financial inclusion is one of our goals, we are always trying to make as many people as possible access to financial services.  

Our company is not an excuse when it comes to this. Therefore we organized a list of lenders that have lower requirements, especially in the documentation that’s why our clients can source a short-term loan with only the following.


  • A South African national identity document,
  • A three months stamped bank statement
  • A pay slip or proof of income.

How do the loans work at Little Loans?

Little loans work as a mediator between the lenders and small short-term clients, with us laid a number of lenders to whom we have performed all the essential researches and checks have been performed. When one wants to apply for a short-term loan, their application will be made through our website application portal.

On the same application the client can customize the kind of a loan and how they want to pay for it. We will post to our lenders and one who will be having a product or service that suits your requirement will offer you a short-term loan. After the acceptance of the offer our part will be done and you can now deal with the lender directly.

At Little loans we care for the people we serve; therefore, we provide the best services for our people for free. When it comes to the needs of people we do not compromise, our great service is what keeps us in track facilitating growth in a sustainable manner.

Little loans financial services will always be there to answer your problems.

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