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Low Budget Finance is a modern day financial institution that offers personal loans, short term loans, and financial advisory services to the South African market.

About – Low Budget Loans

With more than fourteen years’ experience in the provision of microfinance services to the South African community, we have developed effective ways to improve our services to the community. Our goodwill is built on a solid foundation of values and commitment to good ethics that gives direction to our daily practices.

We engage in lending in a responsible way, that is, we make sure our short-term loans reach the right clientele.  Most clients find themselves in an unpleasant condition, where they will be heavily indebted and unable to repay at times like these. Sadly their names will be tarnished.

This is an indirect result of irresponsible lending, and the impacts are substantial. The clients who will be having fewer resources for protecting themselves when the lenders decide to take the litigation route.

Our company also works to foster ethical lending transparently at the same time staying within the limits of the national credit regulator. With short term loans, we are also involved in improving social wellness through financial inclusion. We take calculated decisions in bridging the gap between financial inclusion and responsible lending.

This helps us to preserve our services so that they don’t harm the market but grow it sustainably. The relationship we build with our clients goes a long way in empowering us to stay afloat in the business balancing with a great benefit to our lenders.

low Budget loans and Short term loans

Short-term loans help us to get over glitches that have a financial impact at a faster speed with cheaper interest costs. Short-term loans help employees get over financial grips that they experience in between the month, and sometimes our clients are affected by emergencies and other issues that arise when our payout dates are distant.  

The low Budget company offers short term loans for all your personal needs, and our loans are disbursed in amounts that range from R500 to R3 000 repayable over three to six months periods.

To stand out from the rest, our team of qualified and experienced professionals in the microfinance business has designed the more suitable requirements for our short-term loans.

Our requirements seek to serve the purpose of surfing clients at the same time giving much space for enabling financial inclusion. We have come out with a reasonably accessible and achievable standard.

Our clients are required to meet the following conditions before they can apply for a loan


  • Be at least 18 years at the date of making a short-term application.
  • Permanently employed or earn a consistent income.
  • Be a South African with a South African bank account
  • A South African national identity document (barcoded national identity cart or book, valid driver’s license)
  • A three months stamped bank statement.  
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

Apply with us now

Our short-term loans are applied at both the application portal on our website and at our offices. The application starts with one filling up their personal and financial details, one will progress to the submission of the required documents.

Then, a pause will be done where our clients are supposed to read and understand our terms and conditions, upon agreeing and signing the terms the applicant can now finish and submit the application to our team.

All our applications pass through a human check-up by our staff before a credit check is performed on them. After the assessment, the loan can now be approved, and our staff will communicate with you to check on whether the need still arises and perform final legitimacy check.

The loan can now be disbursed, and the amount will be directly deposited into the bank account provided.

Repayments with low Budget Loans

Our short-term loans soon after their disbursement will be converted to a repayment value, which is a combination of three elements.

The loan will include principal (actual loan amount borrowed) interest charges and administration fees. These are the elements of the monthly installments that the clients will be off-setting against their account when repayment commences. Our short-term loans do not have marginal expenses if the client abides by our contractual agreement.

Our company operates in a transparent, ethical and trustworthy way. Our activities abide by the South African laws and standards, making sure that we leave no trace of impurities in the most respected financial sector.  

It is the way we work with our customers that makes us beat the competition and stay providing quality and effective financial solutions within the market. Our clients represent our priceless assets that equate to the survival of our company within the competitive sector. Our short-term loans represent our commitment to serving our clients.

 For the best financial services that combine ethics to financial inclusion, Low Budget Loans have you covered.

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