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Makanda finance is a registered microfinance institution that caters to short-term financial needs for all the South African residents.

About – Makanda Finance

Our company has headed the call by our communities for the provision of cheap, fast, and secure financial products. To empower them to overcome financial obstacles that disturb their smooth living.  

With eight years’ experience since its inception, the company has worked to improve the livelihoods of all people who call South Africa home.

Our true allegiance to our clients has helped us to go further ways in making financial inclusion a reality, capturing the market from all corners of the country. We have had clients from all South African provinces, and we worked with commitment and passion, which has marked our name on the map of financial services.

In carrying out of our short-term lending activities, we have saved many individuals and families from strategic and tense situations.

Our company works with high business ethics and moral humane, and we provide our services with full consideration of individual culture, religion, and beliefs.  

Because we understand the importance of our client’s identity and beliefs. We seek to make them feel comfortable. Especially when dealing with us, knowing that we will always suit their needs. Makanda Finances is a true definition of new short-term finance institutions that combine ethics, responsible lending, and at the same time abiding by the regulations of the country.

 Knowing that our clientele deserves the best of financial services we deliver in a safe, quick, and sound way, giving room of personal development to those we serve.

Makanda Finance and it’s Short Term loans

In life, we are always unimaginably facing more of unexpected things. Accidents, car breaking, and shortage of fuel along with other things, call for necessary funding.

Short-term loans are small unsecured loan amounts extended to individual clients to allow them to meet their daily or urgent financial requirements.

Short-term loans help individuals to get past financial grips quickly and cheaply. With a short period to make repayments, one can soon clear their loan a move on with life. Therefore short-term loans give you financial independence as there are no more extended periods of negative emotional feeling.

Makanda Finance offers short-term loans that are transparent, quick, and cheap. Our company brought these qualities with our experience in the lending business. One of the major issues that clients and prospective borrowers are worried about is how long it will take for them to source funding. Especially when needed to cover an urgent financial requirement.

When it comes to transparency, it serves the customer with a clear view of what they are engaging themselves.

At Makanda Finance, we offer short-term loans with no hidden costs or conditions. Our models are understood by an average person, thus making us the champions of transparency in short-term lending. Makanda finance offers short-term loans that ranger from R100 to R500, allowing our customers to pass through their mid-month expenses and other unexpected mishaps easily.  

Our loans have a short repayment period that only lasts for a month coupled with very low-interest rates in the short-term lending sector.

For the main reason that we are the champions of financial inclusion that cares for the South African residents. Our short-term loans have a fantastic open entry system that requires nothing more than documents to verify the applicant’s identity.

If you are an economically active resident (age ranging between 18 to 65 years), earning income or employed in South Africa, you will qualify for a short-term loan at Makanda Finance.  Also need to provide a visible valid identity document (South African Identity card, drivers license or passport). Proof of income. With these few things, you are ready to get financial assistance at Makanda in the form of a short-term loan.


  • A South African Identity document.
  • Three months stamped South African bank statement.
  • Proof of income 
  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

Hot to acquire a loan with Makanda Finance?

Our company is one of the organizations that are highly punctual and time conscious, and so with that, we have aligned our application process to that. Our belief is that time is money, and you waste one’s time its equivalent to giving them a substantial financial loss.

The short-term loan application and approval at Makanda Finance will take nothing more than an hour. We can attend to your urgent financial needs while they still matter.

The application commences with a quick form where one fills in their personal and banking details through the portal on our website.

The next stage will include the submission of supporting documents before one needs to read and agree with our short list of terms and conditions.  Upon finishing the application will be submitted to our team of loan officers who are always in attendance to assess and approve your loan. As soon as this is done, the funds will be deposited in the bank account provided then you’re good to use your money.

Our company is here to deliver the best of short-term loans, and ethics we undertake.

For cheap fast and secure short-term loans choose Makanda finance

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