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Mr. Cash Loans is a simple online based financial organization that specializes in the provision of personal loans to the South African domestic market.

About – Mr Cash Loans

The company offers a wide range of personal loans with a broader value making sure that we can capture all the needs of our market.

Mr. Cash Loans seeks to popularize financial inclusion through simplicity; that is, our loans carry a simple methodology from the application. Our requirements and repayment procedures as we strive to take care of our market coverage.

Our company applies high use of technology in providing personal loans to the communities. We believe that technology is the modern way of reaching widely spaced communities with minimal costs.

Our team works harder to develop new and efficient software to allow us to serve the market in a smart, quick, and accurate way. Despite being in a business that has a lot of competition we have managed to stand our ground at the same time reliably providing excellent services to our clients.

We are always implementing measures to improve the transparency of our services. We make sure that all clients understand our values and how we work has made our customers have their place.

For the main reason that our company operates a cloud-based database and operations happen in the modern world of Information Technology. We have implemented tight security measures to protect our client’s valuable information and details from being hacked.

Short Term Loans at Mr Cash loans

Short term loans are small to micro financial credits that our company extends to the community for a short repayment period with low-interest rates.

Short term loans are one of the readily available loan types making these a favorite for people with urgent financial needs. Our company offers short term loans at with very few requirements coupled with smooth, fast and secure applications

Most people underestimate the importance of short term loans, but the truth is amongst all sizes of loans. The most useful ones are short-term loans because they save human needs rather than wants; that is, we all tend to look for short term loans. When we fall into emergencies and or when we are short of the daily funding we need for our lives to get on quickly.  

Short term loans are there to cover us on small issues, but these minor issues can trigger much more significant problems. Sometimes money alone can’t solve; that’s it is correct to say short- term loans prevent much bigger problems.

That is, they only leave a small financial obligation that we can cover without having to scratch our heads. This makes short-term loans cost-effective as they are the ultimate solution to our problems.

Our portfolio includes a large percentage of short-term loans that we issue to clients with emergency or urgent needs for funding. These loans represent our commitment to serving the community in which we were born and grew as short-term loans attract a market. 

To serve this function, our company has designed two products that are intended to cover all the urgent personal financial requirements.

Our company offers the following two types of short-term loans.


The smallest type of short-term loan we offer is the payday loan. This was designed to cater to the working class, shielding them against financial obstacles that arise in between the monthly periods or payment dates.

Once one has been granted the payday loans, the payment will be made with a one-time transaction, that is this kind of a short-term loan will be disbursed in an amount lower than your monthly or payday salary.


Mr. Cash Loans also provides short-term loans for amounts that reach up to R8 000, repayable in a maximum period of six months.

These short-term loans will be meant to cover all the urgent needs financial needs of clients who will be expecting monthly incomes. The repayment comes with monthly installments as is slightly longer than that of payday loans.

Our short-term loans are designed to reach a large number of clients in line with our mandate of financial inclusion, but as Mr. Cash Loans we also have a responsibility to ensure that we surf our clients at the same time abiding with the National credit act requirements.

Below is a list of our requirements before one can apply for a loan


  • National identity document (barcoded national identity card or valid driver’s license)
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer

Mr Cash Loans Procedure when applying

Our loans are applied online through our application portal on our website, the first applicant will need to fill in their personal information.

One of our agents will contact you before you are required to send the supporting documents. As soon as the documents are verified, and the loan assessment is complete, the short-term loan will be disbursed to you.

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