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Quick Ching financial organization trading as Mulah Finance, it’s an innovative and modern credit provider that specializes in the extension of short-term personal loans to the people of South African and beyond.

About – Mulah

Our goal is to make it easier for our clients to access loans in a legit and professional way. With our secure and fast loan portal on our website, we have managed to provide our services in time. Cutting the need for mediators and the same time outclassing paperwork.

In carrying out our services, we align our activities to our code of practice, which is guided by the responsible, flexible, transparent, and fair carrying of business activities.

Our lending method is not a random exercise, and this allows us to select clients with genuine needs for short-term loans cautiously. This helps us in reducing credit risk at the same time avoiding overburdening potential clients with debts that might tarnish their credit rating.

Mulah also offers flexible short-term loan products, in the sense that one will have to choose the repayment period that suits them. It allows our clients to have financial freedom. In addition to that, our short-term loans are transparent, in the sense that we do not apply any complex financial models in determining payments and costs to the clients.

Our clients can determine repayment amounts (installments) that they would be making at a specified period. However, our repayment period can only be stretched to a specific period where we have put a cap to discourage intentional default by extension of repayment dates.

To the most important to our clients, our short-term loans are fair and affordable. From the interest rate perspective, our loans offer interests that can be referred to as moderate. Neither being too much of our clients nor predatory to our competitors.

It is essential for one to understand the importance of fairness and affordability in the business world as it allows for inter-company cooperation.

can i get a Short Term Loan with Mulah?

Quick Ching offers short-term loans with a higher intention of serving the youthful market, which usually experiences being sidelined by the banking and larger lending institutions. Because we are also a young organization, we understand the needs and the behavior of our youth. We care for them, and that’s why we allow them to live life with financial freedom.

Mulah Finance also recognized the need for short-term loans amongst the ordinary population of South Africa when they are hit by emergencies and or rare situations that unknowingly affect them.

The changes in the lifeline of modern citizens, life requires a lot more responsibilities than it used to be in early times. The economic meltdown is the order of the day; car accidents and sickness sometimes happen too often than what we are prepared for. These are some of the situations where one develops the need for a short-term loan, and our company makes it possible for one to silence their problems in an instant.

Mulah Finance provides short term loans that are capped at R2 500, with a maximum repayment period of one month. Our loans are meant to cover the fluctuation in financial supply that affects the majority of the citizens in between pay dates.

With most people suffering from intense stress, depression, and emotional instability, we saw it fit to provide a credit facility that can help mitigate such problems.

At Mulah Finance, we care about our clients, and so we provide the best services that one could not expect in the microfinance business.

At our company, we believe that time is money, and we are Mulah, which is money. We respect your time at all levels of our business activity, knowing that taking much of our client’s money by pegging a loan list of financial requirements is equal to taking part of your money.

We have designed a simple and attractive short-term loan application that caters to all, and those who do not fit for our loans would exclude themselves through the application process.


  • A South African Identity document.
  • Three months stamped South African bank statement.
  • Proof of income 
  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

Hot to acquire a loan for bad credit?

One will need first to select a loan and complete the short application,  where they will fill their personal information and financial information before submitting the required documents.

From our list of lenders, we will assign the application to those that offer services that you require, and they will give you a loan offer. Upon accepting the comfortable loan offer, you would now need to make a contractual agreement with the lender.

The lender will communicate their terms and conditions, and when an agreement, the loan will be disbursed with the relevant funds transferred to the bank account provided in the application process.  In this short process, you will have your loan despite being described as a bad credit holder.


The loan application is a natural, concise exercise that requires one to fill in their details on our website.

To those with queries regarding interest rates and installment amounts, we have put up a slider on our website to allow the simple answering all questions and experiments.

Upon completing the application, our team will do an assessment, and as soon as it passes, the money will be deposited into your account.


Our short-term loans are slightly small in amounts and relatively quick to repay in comparison to other companies.

The earliest short-term loan repayment commences with three working days, which depends on one’s choices, and the last repayment will be the 30th day after the disbursement date.

Our loans can be paid in varying amounts depending on what one is comfortable with.


At Mulah finance, we are somehow lenient, but we maintain a higher level of responsibility in preventing default and loss given defaults. We structure all ore loan repayments through the bank with the repayment order system.

When one default our loans there will be a charge of only R60 per default and an additional 5% interest on the money owing.

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