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Quinn finance is a large and legitimate multi-service financial institution that provides services from insurance, assurance, credit, and financial advisory services.

About – Quinn Finance

The company has grown from a small microcredit provider with a handful of branches. The company is a dedicated game changer in the finance sector, touching all areas of economic, social development, and environmental improvement.

At Quinn Finance, our operations are guided by a number of the code of practices and professional ethics. We cater to our clients in a responsible, ethical, and transparent way. We understand that our clients are human, and whenever they are presented with the opportunity to get funds, they will take it.

Quinn Finance will always put measures to discourage negligent borrowing as this harms both the clients and the lender.

Our ethics define who we are and where we currently stand in the finance sector, as we seek to empower the community with financial services. We always align our business with the law and transparency.

Our activities, be it from short-term loans to long-term home finance, are clear and concise to our stakeholders. Our team has a passion for clarifying how our services, to all our clients to eliminate any doubts and misunderstandings. Our chargers are easy to calculate, and with all our products, one will find no additional fees.

Quinn Finance is an organization that holds human values; that is why we operate with empathy. We always try our best to put ourselves in your shoes, making sure we understand each of your needs and requirements.

Quinn Finance will always be sensitive to an optimum level. Our state of being remorseful will not fall outside the legal regulations and rules. We operate under in the area of microfinance and finance.

Quinn Finance offers short-Term Loans

Our company is one of the major players in the microlending and extension of credit to the low income and previously marginalized groups. Short-term loans are one of the most effective ways of changing the community through financial inclusion as they cater to low-income groups, marginalized people, and those facing emergencies.

Regrettably, the number of people falling inside the poverty datum line is increasing daily. A coupled with the continual economic depletion, it is now hard for our people to survive through all incidences they face without seeking external funding.

Short-term loans help the community to curb the impact of unplanned mishaps and accidents that happen in their lives. The need for a short-term loan might not exist now, but when it comes, it’s so strong that there is an urgent financial requirement.

When situations turn to be that, everyone deserves the chance to acquire a short-term loan from a credible, ethical, and responsible lender.

At Quinn Finance, we offer short-term loans that are cheap and quick to access more ethically. The impact of our short-term loans lies within the specifications and covenants, which is the loan size, interest rates, and repayment period we offer to the clientele. Our short-term loans range from R100 to R8 000 over six months with meager interest rates.

Because Quinn Finances principal mandate is to foster financial inclusion and financial literacy to all the corners of the nation, we have designed our short-term loan requirements in a way that allows all the people with a need, ability, and willingness to repay access the funds.

Our requirements are a result of constructive research and calculated proportions that caters for risk financial inclusion and the law, thus striking a balance between the three to come up with the following:


  • Age of the applicant should range between 18 to 65 years
  • The applicants should be a South African citizen who holds a valid and active South African bank account
  • The applicant should have been employed for more than three months with the current employer or have steady supply of income
  • South African National identity document (Barcoded national ID or valid driver’s license)
  • Three months stamped bank statement
  • Latest pay slip from the current employer, where you have worked for at least three months

Quinn Finance application procedures

Quinn Finance supports both online and paper-based applications for our short-term loans. This is because we try to cater to all the clients. Even those in areas where we don’t have branches nearby. The young with higher uptake of technology and the elderly who love doing things on paper. Despite the applications being done differently, the requirements and destinations will be the same.

With the online application, one will need to fill an online form with their personal and financial details through an application portal that is on our website. The application exercise will move to require one’s supporting documents before the terms and conditions will need to be signed for. After finishing the applicant can now wait for our team who takes no more than one working day to give replies.

At Quinn Finance, we gave ourselves the responsibility to cater to the community we operate in. Our products reach all the corners of the nation, including some areas that are regarded as remote. It is within our ethics and flexibility that it gives us an advantage in the provision of short-term loans.

Quinn Finance has provided excellent services and plowed back to the communities through educational support, environmental awareness as we strive to make sustainability in our communities. Quinn finance is the one-stop short-term lender. With us, you will never go wrong.

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