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Spectrifin Finance is a microfinance institution which was born out of the much respected Grindrod Bank.

About – Spectrifin

The company specializes in short-term loans and debt counseling, with a higher level of commitment to bringing out responsible lending. Spectri finance has engaged in extensive research and consultations with all relevant stakeholders to bring out the best out of the domestic market.

Spectrifin finance provides short-term loans under the guidance of its internal protocols of responsibility, transparency, and financial inclusion in all its activities.

Over the years there has been an upsurge of people getting over-indebted with short-term loans as the microfinance sector started to boom in South Africa. This was mainly because the modern concept of financial inclusion triggered the financial institutions, but only a few of those managed to merge financial inclusion with responsible lending.

Yes! We would all agree on the significant point that we all need financial backup. When it comes to personal loans, the back-up has to be accompanied by the ability and willingness to make repayments.

Lending carelessly kills the market for the lender, as it has negative impacts on the borrower or the client that one intended to bail financially.

If one becomes over-indebted with short-term loans or any debt, their credit rating is tarnished, and soon they will be blocked or put under sequestration. More and more people will then follow, being sidelined the same way up to the moment where no one will be able to access credit. Thus irresponsible lending ultimately equates to the destabilization of our communities.

It is essential for us to bring to the best of our ability, our efforts to make sure our clients and stakeholders have a real understanding of our services.

Transparency is a sensitive topic in the provision of short-term loans due to a large number of cases. Clients would be charged high illusive funds on hidden costs or extended repayments. This is adding up to overpayments and the right of the client to understand all the costs involved.

Short term loans with spectrifin

At Spectri Finance we offer short-term loans that are meant to help the ordinary citizens in coping with unplanned financial requirements that happen between their pay dates or in periods where they don’t usually expect to have income.

With these massive changes in lifestyle, population increases, high road traffic volumes and chronic disease, anything can happen in life and if you get caught off-guard you need a reliable partner to prevent the worst from happening.

The next thing that we all need to avoid getting stuck in a situation that requires a few thousand Rands, because our acquaintances do not have funds. Short term loans come to curb the impact of such scenarios.

Short-term loans at Spectri Finance are defined as small extension of small financial credit to the communities in a fast, easy and cheap way. This defines how we undertake our activities in the provision of short-term loans, this goes in line of short-term loans, that is to cater for emergency and unexpected financial requirements.

To a client who is in urgent, the service has to be fast and easy, but of most importance the lender should provide the short-term loan in a cheap way and not exploiting the client in need.

Our short-term loans come in sizes of R500 to R8 000 with repayment periods of up to six months of fixed monthly installments.

These loans will carry a variable interest rate that vary directly with the length of repayments and the same time inversely related to loan amounts. To be concise the loan interest is higher over longer periods and also relatively small over larger amounts.

Our system at Spectrifin Finance is a particular way available only to us. Our short-term loans will have requirements that comply with the national credit act.

We have also made efforts to reduce the process and loan requirements by striking a balance between optimum credit risk and financial inclusion. Our short-term loans can be accessed after the following criteria.

Our short-term loans can have two sets of requirements, which include conditions and the relevant documents accepted to support those conditions.  One needs to be a South African Citizen, employed for three months earning a salary (that is all commission-based salaries not required. In addition to that, one will need to have a working South African Bank account.


  • A South African Identity document.
  • Three months stamped South African bank statement.
  • Proof of income 
  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income

Application Process

Our short-term loans are done in the comfort of your home. One will need to download the application form from our website, fill it, attach copies of the documents mentioned above. Our loan application is submitted to your employer, whom we require to fill and sign a short section. The employer will then provide the application to us via email

As soon as the application process is complete, and our team has completed the proper verification, your funds will be directly deposited to the bank account provided.

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