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Wanna Loan is an internet-based financial institution that serves the needs of the South African market as long as short-term loans are concerned.

About – Wanna Loan

The company operates to provide cheap, safe, and reliable short-term loans that are delivered in line with the company ethics of responsibility, transparency, and easy undertaking.

Our humanity as a company comes concerning clients’ cultures, beliefs, and practices. Wanna Loans is an organization that was born out of the people. We recognize the importance of your lifestyle in every undertaking.

Our services are designed in a way that makes your community part of the company as we try to customize our products to your ways of doing things. With that, we also strive to be responsible and transparent, making sure that we preserve our communities. Also, at the same time making them understand how we operate, our charges and their relative impact to the communities’

With vast experience of providing short term loans, our company has made excelling revelations about the needs and wants of the South African society.

Over time short term loans can make a high impact in improving the livelihoods of the low income and marginalized sections. That is the youth will have an opportunity to grasp financial education.

Wanna Loans and its Short term loans

Wanna loans short term loans are provided to cater for financial problems that affect our communities due to the fluctuation of financial resources, accidents, and previous occasions. These might range from car breaking, groceries, covering debts, rentals, fuel, etc. Short term loans are a simple, secure, and safe way for one to safeguard the impact of unfortunate events that affect us in our lives.

Short-term loans also carry a higher advantage over long-term personal loans. It’s unfortunate to note that more and more people are suffering from the emotional aspect of being in long-term debt. It carries a significant burden for one to be in debt than the amount being owed to the lender.

That is, one will have a consistent long-term reminder that they don’t possess everything that they have because the loan repayment will trickle here and there. Short-term loans are a fast and straightforward solution to these problems as they present an opportunity for a client to improve their financial status over a short period.

With short term loans, one can cover their emergency or immediate need for funds with a smooth, straight forward loan. It can be repaid quickly and let you focus on other life issues.

Short-term loans are a straightforward way that people can get to fix their credit history in a short space of time. Because of our membership with credit bureaus, our loans update your credit history with these institutions. Also, this gives a positive image to your credit scores as you gain something whenever you borrow and pay in time.

Unlike with long-term loans, short-term loans provide funding that is manageable in both amounts and periods. It gives you the ability to borrow and repay in times you expect income to be flowing into the near future. That’s short-term loans will provide you with the right start to a better financial status. Your worries will be taken care of by a small amount while you sit back and do other essential things in your life.

At Wanna loans, we offer short-term loans in amounts that range from R500 to R3 000 that are repayable in a period not longer than one month. Short-Term loans are classified as payday loans, which means for every loan amount that one will apply for; it has to be significantly lower than their salary.

At Wanna loans, we strive to push for financial inclusion through the leniency we put on our application requirements. Our short-term loans can be accessible with a majority of the people in need in a short space of time.

Because we recognized the importance and bearing that requirements have on the clients of short-term loans The company has put up the following list of conditions and documental requirements.

Our clients will have to meet the following requirements


  • The applicant should be at least 18 yrs old
  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must be employed and have proof of income
  • A South African Identity document.
  • Three months stamped South African bank statement.
  • Proof of income 

Applying with Wanna Loan

Short-term loans at Wanna are wholly applied on internet through our portal on the website. The applicant will fill in their personal and financial information.

The super quick process will take the applicant to upload their supporting documents before submitting the application.

The team of our credit analysts will then work in assessment and as soon as the loan is approved. The funds will then be deposited in the bank account provided.

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