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nedbank homeloan

Nedbank offers three types of Home loans that are designed for a specific purpose: Nedbank Building Loan, Nedbank
HomeVision Loan
, Nedbank Ordinary Home Loan.

Nedbank Building Loan

A Building Loan: is a product that is utilised to finance the construction of a dwelling, additions or improvements. For all new or existing clients planning to build a new residential property or who are in the process of upgrading their existing residential property and require a loan to finance the upgrading.

Nedbank HomeVision Loan

Nedbank’s HomeVision is a home loan solution that gives you the opportunity to register a bond, higher than the required loan amount, creating a surplus amount that can be accessed at a later stage. The HomeVision facility (surplus amount) will be available to you when your property value and affordability has increased. Simply apply for the surplus funds when needed, bearing in mind that each application is subject to our credit approval policy.

The funds can be used for home renovations, structural home improvements, school or tuition fees, holidays and countless other purposes. It’s cost effective, convenient, and will save you the additional costs of registering a second mortgage in future.

Nedbank Ordinary Home Loan

Nedbank’s Residential Home Loan is a flexible Home Loan that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. It can be used to finance the purchase of an established residential property.

The Ordinary Home Loan can also be used to finance significant structural improvements to your existing home.

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nedbank homeloan
nedbank homeloan

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