Capfin Loans

capfin pep loans
How to apply for a capfin personal loan

Capfin loan are offered through all Pep stores in South Africa, Capfin loans are for people with a lower financial status and who need hassle-free loans that are backed by an efficient, simple and trustworthy service.

How to apply for Capfin Loans?

Customers apply by having their ID book scanned and providing a cellphone number at any PEP store in South Africa. The customer will receive an SMS within 30 minutes acknowledging their application and Capfin will then call the customer to process a quick telephonic application. If the loan is approved, the cash will then be paid into the applicant’s bank account within two days.

Capfin contact details:

Capfin Consultant: 087 354 0000
SMS: SMS “HELP” to 43679
USSD: *120*5566#

Capfin Loans
capfin personal loan

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  1. .I need to no if i cud apply for a loan even if i,ve applied for debt mediation. I urgently need aloan of @least R1000 asap to fix my wendy bfor it starts rainning

  2. Can you please send a confirmation letter of loan settlement to the above email address or fax me @ 03431 54467 or contact me @ 072 493 2864.

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