Absa ATM loan


Absa ATM loan is the easiest way to get a loan and to also find out whether you qualify for a loan or not, If you are an existing Absa customer, you can apply for a personal loan through Internet Banking, Cellphone Banking, at an Absa ATM or at your nearest branch.

How does Absa ATM loan works?

If you qualify for a loan, Absa will deposit the cash instantly to you acount at that moment, this is very useful if you want quick cash or loan. This kind of a loan is payable in 30days. The approved amount of loan will be transferred to your ABSA Account, from where you can withdraw it and use as you desire.

Absa ATM loan
Absa ATM loan

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  1. ABSA’s ATM loan is a one of a kind loan that offers timely financial relief to a stressed out client. This loan has very low processing requirements and formalities as one only needs to have good credit history and access to online banking to avail this loan. Alternatively, a trip to an ABSA ATM would also suffice.

  2. Ons kon Oktober en November n ATM loan maak en daarvandaan kwalifiseer ons skielik nie meer nie. Salaris en als het dieselfde gebly. Kan julle vir my n rede gee daarvoor asb?

  3. i was trying an ATM LOAN and a personal loan of R3000 and the respond was loan application limit reached . please contact your nearest branch. i dont have any loan yet whats the meaning of this

  4. I used to make ATM loans but now it has been stopped. Trying to get an answer from them as to WHY but have almost given up. Haven’t committed a crime or something since last loan & have good, steady income. What’s up? What does that mysterious code 006 on the slip mean when I apply but it’s declined?

  5. I keep getting a notice when i draw money that my account qualifies for a ATM loan, but when I try to apply for the loan it says that my account does not qualify to get the loan. I got ATM loans before, does ABSA still do the ATM loans????

  6. I. Have been receiving a sms that I qualify for the atm loan, pls let me know why I cannot get access to it.

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